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I'm a young beginning writer and don't have much experience, but enjoy creative writing and short stories. I love swimming, sketching, singing, and math. I am learning latin and french, and am an INFJ and ambivert. I'm always dreaming!

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Feel free to leave constructive feedback and advice.
P.S. I've always dreamed of having a penpal, so if someone is willing, leave a message for me and I'll try to work something out!


March 16, 2021


I have a story to tell- 
about a kid, just trying to stay alive.
I cried tears to fill the feelings I had, 
but all they did was drown me
I tried to fashion them into a weapon, but they always fell apart
I tried to drug them away, 
but they were the drug. 
So I sit in this bathtub, 
filled to the brim
and overflowing with my fear
my pain
my suffering
Do I deserve to sit here?
In the bathroom?
I can feel the water spiraling down the drain, chanting
Come with me? 
I know you want to.
The drain is deep, and dark, and quiet. 
Isn't that what I want?
What do I want?

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