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and what i really intended to say in the end remains unsaid - franz kafka


March 19, 2021



i hate the way i'm easy to remember and easy to forget
i avoid eye contact but crave it,
it's difficult
to care so much about every facet of us that you ignore.
how does it feel to live in dusk?
nowadays i only ever see you in the darkness,
i can't tell anything about you anymore.
you want me to believe that it's all mixed signals,
but boy,i'm not stupid
even if i never see you clearly.
i am bewitched by you and i try to forget it everyday.
your insensitivity drives me away,
but you don't realise
how i always return
i always return with a twinkle in my eye.
gosh, i wish i wasn't so good at lying to myself.
you've hurt me from too deep and now
even if you wanted to,you could never take it back.
you'll never be able to retrace your blue footsteps
out the door and into purity.
apparently " i'm right where you left me"- taylor duh
gosh sometimes titles are hard to think of,kind of annoying.


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  • nolongeractive

    I love this omg you are so talented. The piece is so emotional and creative and I love the metaphorical message of it. You are amazing, thank you for sharing this!

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: I'm confused but I'll be okay <3

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: Aww thanks, Anisa <3

    6 months ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    w o w. amazing :o

    6 months ago
  • Ava Marie

    This is so good!!! Talent

    7 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: I- okay. Anisa, for your sake, I'll go with it lol. /affectionate

    7 months ago
  • Nyla

    Wow! This was so deep! "I am bewitched by you and I try to forget it every day.
    your insensitivity drives me away" was my favourite line! I love the contradictions in the beginning- they're so powerful and relatable!!!

    7 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: You're welcome! And... thank you? I think? XD what does that even mean? /lh

    7 months ago
  • BriRiley

    I agree with the first part! You did such a good job with getting the message through without any extra fluff. Love it!

    7 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    The title's actually quite intriguing and mysterious, good job.
    "i am bewitched by you and i try to forget it everyday."
    Oh so you're just gonna pretend that's not phenomenal. Gotcha. However, I am unable to keep up such a farce.

    7 months ago