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I know this is quite long but you got to hand it to me- I was in grade 7- Let me know what you think :)

Elizabeth Addington

March 18, 2021


A pretty girl was she
Dancing beautifully
Dressed in flowers and tule
Fought over brutally

The face of pride
Of the Addington Clan
Look only out the door
To find a man

Lined up block after block
To see the fair maiden
The top contender of all
Herald McFaden

However the pretty young girl
Love isn’t really what Herald's
Motive is

Although from a prominent family
The girl finds a mistruth
The young bachelor has no inheritance
Due to being terribly uncouth

Needing to marry rich
To carry on his life of luxury
Invitations to elite parties
Courtesy often perfunctory

Her family in love with the bloke
Wanting to elevate her status
Hastily making plans for marriage
Even through the stratus

Not really in love
The girl decides
To make a plan
With fast strides

With the marriage planned
In the upcoming weeks
The girl's plan includes
Marilyn Meeks

Plotting and Planning
Day after day
They find a solution
By the end of May

With the marriage now
Just weeks away
The girls practice their plot
Play by play

When the day finally arrives
No one wonders why
The shy little bride
Says “goodbye”

Claiming to want to go to the beach
To sit on the smooth sand
In her huge bridal dress
She crosses the land

Following the plan
The girl goes to hide
Sitting idly waiting
For time to bide

At the wedding
People start to wonder
Why the bride insists
On causing all this blunder

Marilyn asks to look for her friend
For she should be here
But her family insists to send the maid
Herelyn Leer

The plan quickly sent awry
For Marilyn should be looking
And Herelyn should not be out there
For she should help with the cooking

The maid quickly finds the girl
And pushes her onto the rocky cliffs
Filled with hatred and loathing
Trying to forget but memory insists

The girl was snobby
Downright rude
Pointing her nose in the air
Extreme attitude

The girl falls
Looking back

The corpse hits the hard ocean
Waves eat the soft flesh
Tearing and ripping
As if she were mesh

The plan failed
The girl is dead
No one will ever know the truth
For she is ripped to a shred

Standing on the cliff
Staring down happily
Done with her duty
Quite rather scrappily

As Herelyn turns to leave
She bitterly thinks
How the girl looks
In the oceans stinks

For her legacy will live on
Because she was Elizabeth Addington
The fairest maiden in all the land
Relationship Status: None

A pretty girl was she
Dancing beautifully
Dressed in flowers and tule
Fought over brutally
Yes, this is a ballad. Yes, I wrote it in grade 7. No, my writing has not improved. 


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  • Zirong

    (Oops I forgot to mention this in my last comment) Just wondering -- are "Meek(s)" and "Leer" hinting at the characters' personality? Ah maybe I just overthink everything :D

    6 months ago
  • Zirong

    This is such a pleasure to read! I've read very few ballads before so this is absolutely eye-opening! I do wonder(the same as Nikki) why the maid decided to kill her though -- was it because of jealousy? Or hatred due to her attitude? Apology here if I missed the details that suggested the reason. Anyway, I really enjoy your writings, and can't wait to read much much more! :D

    6 months ago
  • Awesome Sienna

    It is so sweet and sad, a beautiful ballad. Great job!

    6 months ago
  • Nikki

    omg wow! this is actually one of the first ballads i've ever read. i love the way you've told such a beautiful story. so wait....the bride was going to hide till the wedding was over right? then why did the maid kill her when she found her? im sorry.. im a teensy bit confused :)
    re: EEEEEEE! THANK YOU SO MUCH *blushes*
    yas! i just love strong female leads... and i was feeling evil that day ;)
    haha true the pneumonia thing was a TOTAL fluke :D

    6 months ago
  • ScarlettLucian

    Ooh! This was really interesting! I haven't read many ballads on this site and the execution of the story and the verse definitely gave it that old-timey vibe! Nice work 7th grade you! :)

    6 months ago
  • SunV

    Ahhh, this ballad is amazing! Much better than what I wrote at 14 XD and your writing has totally improved since then!

    Re: I'm going to reply to all your comments with a huge thank you! I haven't been very active lately on WtW, just roaming when I can, but school just started up (may I say I am in love with trigonometry?) and it's been busy. But I read all your comments, and just-- thank you so much for them!

    And word vomit XD I guess that's what all writers do, it's simply that our vomit is prettier than normal vomit.

    Anyways, if you wanna talk, let me know!!

    6 months ago
  • McK13

    Wow!!! I really like this :) The storyline is so well-written and it progresses perfectly! The rhyming pattern is also wonderful! And of course, your writing has definitely improved though this piece is awesome!!!

    Re: Omg, you are so so kind!!!! I really don't know what to say, you're just incredibly nice and genuine, and such a talented, amazing writer! I really loved that last piece that I wrote too because of how simple, cute, and true it was--probably one of my favorites as well :) I'm so thrilled that my comments make you smile especially because all of your writing and all of your comments make my day 100x brighter!! Thanks so much for the follow--you're the best!! Labradoodles are so adorable, yes, definitely as soon as you get your own place you should totally get a puppy lol :)

    6 months ago