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The Abyss of Magic

April 2, 2021


"Give me the books," Addie demanded, holding a hand out to Carly for the spellbooks. With blonde hair floating around her and the lake-blue eyes matching the bright color of her robes, she was a formidable sight. A queen-sorceress from ages past.
    Carly clutched the books closer to her chest, tucking them inside her leather jacket so their matching blue glow was hidden. "Only if you promise not to kill anyone with them."
    Addie sighed with exasperation and rolled her eyes. She raised her right hand. "I swear not to use magic to kill anyone." She put her hand down. "Happy now, Dragon-Heart?"
    "Swear on your power and throne," Carly added.
    Another eye roll. "Fine, whatever. I swear on my power and throne."
    Carly handed the books to her warily. But she couldn't find anything wrong with the oath and knew Addie would never risk her power. Addie held the books closely and caressed the top one gently, the slightest hint of a smile crossing her lips.
    "'Kay," Carly said. "I'm going to jump us back to the library." She glared at Addie. "No magic."
    Addie gave her a sickeningly sweet smile. "On my power."
    Carly snapped her fingers and there was a second of weightless darkness before they appeared in an ancient library with soaring bookshelves and a star-studded ceiling. Dozens of people filled the room, fighting and yelling. Some were clad in blue robes worthy of the Spellbound while the majority was dressed like Carly in leather jackets and jeans.
    The Dragon-Hearted had attacked earlier in the day, ambushing the Spellbound as they studied their ancient texts. Addie had been pulled out of the fight by Carly, and she wanted to scowl at being pulled out of the fight.
    One of the leather-dressed people ran toward them, waving an enchanted blade as his eyes locked on Addie. Huffing, Addie grabbed one of her spell books, throwing it at his head. He fell to the ground as it slammed into the space between his eyes and he let out a choked cry. Carly yelped and ran to his side, glaring at Addie.
    Addie smiled again and walked over to retrieve the spellbook. Her heels clicked on the oakwood floor as she walked and everyone turned to watch her, falling silent. The Spellbound grinned at their leader while the Dragon-Hearted people glared.
    Spellbook back in her hands, Addie stepped toward the landing railing and looked down at everyone. "Dragon-Hearted and Spellbound," she said, greeting them. "It's so good to have all of us in the same place. That hasn't happened in a while."
    "A thousand years," someone muttered.
    Many of the Dragon-Hearted traded suspicious glances and Carly rose to her feet as she questioned what Addie was planning- because she was planning something.
    Addie glanced around the room, lips pursed for a moment. "Shame you're all destroying our library, though." As she flicked her fingers, books and artifacts returned to their rightful places on the shelves. The Dragon-Hearted stared at her effortless display of power in awe. Addie smiled and pulled a handful of glittering, green dust from the pocket of her robe. Slowly, with exaggerated movements, she opened her fist and blew the dust into the air.
    Everyone stared at the dust as it fell, twining around the Dragon-Hearted. The Spellbound stepped back, grinning.
    "Opeeesah," Addie hissed, letting the word slither off her tongue and into the air.
    Yelps and gasps echoed around the spacious library as it tightened and solidified into a glowing, green rope, gripping the Dragon-Hearted with more strength than they possessed. Carly let out her own gasp as it wrapped around her, tying her hands to her sides to keep her from snapping and jumping away.
    Addie stepped toward her. "Guess you aren't good enough to beat us just yet," Addie taunted.
    Carly glared.
    Addie opened a book to a page made of onyx paper. Red and white ink flowed across the page and the title glowed and flickered. "Into the Abyss," Addie whispered. It was one of the most ancient spells still around and she'd been waiting to use it for years.
    She let her eyes close and smiled, letting the words slip from her lips. Around her, slowly, like water dripping, the Dragon-Hearted began to fade. Their fingers and feet went first until only their terrified faces remained. And then those disappeared, too, just as the spell ended its enchanting lullaby of words.
    "Bye-bye," Addie said with a wave. "Gone be the Dragon-Hearted. Gone be the prophesy. Gone be fate."
    She turned away from the railing but a burst of wind threw her to the ground. She turned to see lime-green words burn into the air and a voice boom into existence. 
    Buried 'neath spells and dirt
    And a millennium of wars and hurt
    A crown will rise to sit on a dragon's head
    And follow a Dragon-Hearted queen to where she said
    That spells will fall, blue robes will burn to ash
    This oblivion, the abyss of magic, will never last!
Hey, y'all! This is a revised version so please let me know what you think!


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  • Nyla

    I really loved this- you revised the piece really well! Awesome job! :)

    6 months ago