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To whom ever comes across my writing, I have always enjoyed the art of writing and reading. The way you can string a whole bunch of words together to create a new world or a person is incredible. I have to admit I am no the best at writing, but who is really? I hope someone enjoys my style of writing, and if not so be it. Please enjoy my random stories with no rhyme or reason.

The Stalker's Eyes

March 15, 2021


His eyes, they burn holes through your clothes, through your skin, until he can see your soul.
You can't stop him, you can't hide from his sight.
You will feel like he can see your every thought and feeling.
It is not always the same guy, you may get this feeling from guys with blue eyes, like the first one who stripped away your confidence.
Once he has seen into your soul, there is no turning back, it's like they all know, every single last man knows.
If you don't feel this, you're either lucky or naïve,  you don't have to feel your heart quicken in fear, or have to dart your eyes behind you to see if his is looking or following.
He maybe a regular at your favorite café, and you may have run into him one too many times, so you stop going to your favorite café because of him, because you don't want to feel that way.
Some may say, " Your over exaggerating it, he only looked at you." or " Suck it up, Men will stare, it's just the way it is."
But that is not true, a single look can change the course of everything, it can change the way we see someone or the way we react to something.
A look does not mean nothing. 
People ask me why I choose to learn to fight, this is why, because if that look ever turns into something else, I want to know how to fight.
I do not want to have to rely on someone else to save me.
This princess does not need a knight to save her.
So remember his eyes, do not forget his eyes, for they will be your fuel to fight a good fight.

Author - Emmy Lou
Don't mind me being a little feminist over here.


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