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In Love With Fiction

By: Caitlyn Mulcahy


I am hopelessly in love with Theodore Laurence. There are however, several issues with this. For starters, he is married. A minor problem really. Another, slightly bigger problem, is that Laurie is a brilliant work of fiction by Louisa May-Alcott. Why does this always seem to happen? It’s like you can only find guys that are, kind, brave, funny and heroic in books. Why can’t I meet Mr Darcy or Cole St Clair or Tobias Eaton or Fili and Kili, even Draco Malfoy. Why do authors so purposely tease us like this? Oh look our heroine is all alone, lets send in a perfect male character to save the day then we’ll wait and kill him off right at the end to hit the fangirls right in the feels. So until I find a perfect guy that embodies all of these characters, I am content with pining over a beautiful work of fiction. So goodbye Laurie, see you in the next chapter. 

Peer Review

Oh look our heroine is left alone

Sadness and a bit of sarsactic joy

Does she believe that literary fiction characters are rather reincarnation of real human beings

Reviewer Comments

I'm touched by the fact that she notes the hypocrisy of fairy tales and challenges that in her literary endeavours