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I LOVE to read & write & draw (Melanie Cellier, Wendy Mass, & Jillian Dodd) ...all that good stuff.

I mainly post things I've been playing around with, but I always appreciate feedback! Feel free to drop a comment or a review, it's always appreciated. If you ever want a review, I'd be happy to help. Just ask :>

I mostly write little poetry things, short stories, flash fictions, and some political commentary/mockery.

Thanks so much for the 150+ followers!!

(Some of the) San's and Santa's of California

March 15, 2021


San Francisco
Too liberal for some, but perfect for 20-year-old hippies. You're stomach drops every time you turn down a road, it feels like the end of the earth. Gorgeous and iconic, with the bridge and the bay.
Santa Barbra
Beautifully simple, like a deep breath of salty ocean air. Palm trees swaying in front of quaint traditional Spanish inns, with balconies and vistas. Authentically archaic.
San Jose
A rougher Silicon Valley, a cheaper Saratoga, a busier Cupertino; the best of all worlds. Rolling hills just east of downtown, bustling buildings in the center of the city. Santa Clara county, baby.
Santa Cruz
The harbor, the lighthouse, the summer vacations and spring breaks. Created by excitement and childhood wonder. A traditional boardwalk, known far and wide, with greasy street food and loud amusement rides. A different type of history.
random, i know, but i was inspired


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  • Nyla

    This piece was so beautifully worded and I love the vivid imagery! I can't read too deep into it as a Canadian but thank you- I think you've given me a travel guide XD And in the Santa Cruz one I looove the rhyme with "known far and WIDE[..] amusement RIDES" and the different type of history is just beautiful! RE: Omg awwww thank you! I’m glad you really liked that one- I was pretty happy with it :)

    7 months ago