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The Sea of Thieves

March 15, 2021


There were once two pirates fair,
not quite the luckiest pair,
stuck in a prison they were,
The Sea of Thieves...

But they knew unlike most,
there was a faraway coast,
The Shores of Gold...

They started there journey,
to the shores of gold
or that damned locker of old.
fate would decide...

Cannon to the right of them!
Cannon to the left of them!
Cannon in front of them,
volleyed and thundered

On they sailed through sea and squall
hoping to reach victory's call,
on to the shores of gold!

They sailed through powder smoke,
on through the krakens choke,
on through teeth and snare,
hanging on to a single prayer.

without anything dear,
those two pirates feared but fared
better then then others,

On to the shores of gold,
trying to reach victory's hold,
those two men just wanted out.
They did not cry or pout.

For they knew,
the shores of gold,
would give powers old,
and they could finally
leave their prison!

The Sea of Thieves...
Sorry I haven't written much lately. I just haven't been to inspired. I know this poem is a little random, but its about pirates. I actually took some inspiration from an classic poem called "Charge of the Light Brigade". You should look it up and see the history behind it. Its quite interesting.

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  • Sanjana Sunilkumar

    Whoa! Great work kiddo! You did a really nice job here!

    6 months ago
  • nolongeractive

    This is such an outstanding piece; I really love the title and how magnificent all of the diction and beauty flows throughout the piece. The title is really intriguing and I feel like the piece as a who brings the magic of metaphors to life! Great work!

    7 months ago
  • Nyla

    Wow the rhyming in this is just spectacular and idk what it is about it but at the cannons to the right of them part I started saying it in some old British man's voice and I'm not sure why but regardless that means you wove quite a story for me to use an accent and say it out loud. And I love the hanging onto a single prayer par because it really shows they were going through quite a lot

    7 months ago