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Looking back on Autumn

By: Resi

PROMPT: Mixtape

Hey Jude by The Beatles
Just the classic I love. You learned the guitar chords for me, remember?
Shut up and Dance by Walk the Moon
The party, we danced all night till my feet were so sore, that I couldn´t walk properly anymore and you had to carry me half the way to your house.
Photograph by Ed Sheeran
You played that song on our second date, it was a warm autumn evening and we sat outside till the stars showed up. I liked your version more than this one. I like how your voice cracked when you tried to hit the higher notes and how you were singing really quiet because you were so unsure of your voice. It was one of the prettiest things I ever heard.
Time of our Lives by Tyrone Wells
Yes! It was the time of our lives. Do you remember how we stood there, on top of the world, where no one was watching us and we could be truly ourselves and live right there in the moment without the pressure of anything upon your shoulders, all we were was free.
Fix You by Coldplay
The day my Grandpa passed away. You know what I mean.
Fingertips by Ryan O´Shaugnessy
Take my hand and listen how these word are the gentlest I´ve heard since you talked to me.
Yellow by Coldplay
Look how they shine for you, you know I love the stars.
She falls asleep by McFly
I love to cuddle up in a blanket and listen to you playing the piano songs like this one.
To find you by Sing Street
My favourite song of the first movie we watched together in the cinema.
Go now by Adam Levine
Because sometimes you need to go and live things behind. I don´t want to be any weight for you. I want to see you happy and free. Just go and where you lead me I will follow!
Lonely by Owen Denivr
It wasn´t clear for me that you would be there. I didn´t expect you to stay awake all night and visit me before dawn. I could´t tell you how much it meant for me, but I hope you know I´ll be always there for you.
Good Grief by Bastille
Every minute of every hour I miss you, I miss you more.

Peer Review

The sense of this playlist is the writer falling in love.

"THinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran. It fits the vibe of falling in love, and is similar to other songs in the playlist.

Reviewer Comments

I like how you slowly transitioned to first date to all the way through your relationship and included the stories behind your choices. It's also interesting that you wrote to your significant other, and not a whole audience.