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The Sounds of My Life

By: jacktward

PROMPT: Mixtape

School can be long, it can be boring but once the school day is over things get much better. Once I step foot inside my house after a long day of learning, I go to my room for some more education...homework! 
Homework isn't that bad for me because I have one thing that keeps me energised and excited, music. Who doesn't love singing a big rock melody out loud while working on maths homework, maybe it's just me.
Personally my life playlist changes from time to time, this is how it plays at the moments.
  • On My Way, Phill Colin- This was one of my last primary school production songs and is definitely one that reminds me how lucky I was to have an opportunity to play a lead role.
  • Que Sera, Justice Crew - This song means a lot to me as it was the finale song for my last primary school production. Every time this song plays I can't stop becoming emotional.
  • Best Day Of My Life, American Authors - My Graduation song is one that I will never forget. This was the last thing my Grade 6 year did together before leaving primary school.
  • Rock Around The Clock, Bill Haley- When my great Grandmother passed away I was devastated, we had done so much together. I would ride my bike around to her house every Saturday where we would cook, dance, sing and just have a plain old chat. The one song that we would always dance/sing to was this one and I will always get up and have a boogie when it plays.
  • Dear Life, Delta Goodrem - I guess I may just have a little soft spot for this talented woman. 
  •  Chim Chim Cheree, Mary Poppins - Mary Poppins was the first musical I ever went to and this year I was lucky enough to learn this one song from the show and perform it at an Eisteddfod and a variety concert
  • Everybody Wants To Be A Cat, Aristo Cats  - A Disney song that I performed at an Eisteddfod this year and enjoyed so much.
  •  Do You Hear The People Sing, Les Miserable -  I am interested in musical theatre and this song I have been listening to lately as my local theatre company is planning on doing Les Miserable which is very exciting.
  • Dancing Queen, ABBA - Throughout my primary school years I was a part of the school choir and we would travel around our town and perform at festivals and retirement villages. During our performances we sang this ABBA song which now reminds me of my choir years.
  • I Feel Good Blues Brothers - As well as singing I also dance. This year I started dancing solos for the first time and my song was this Blues Brothers classic.
  • I'm Easy, Beccy Cole - During one of my annual Easter holidays my family watched Beccy Cole's concert which is the only live musicians concert I have been to and it was very funny.
  • Wings, Delta Goodrem - I would finish the playlist with another Delta hit!  

Peer Review

A very nostalgic feel, reminiscing the good times :)

I would choose the song "Stressed Out" by the famous and talented Twenty One Pilots. There's a lyric in there that comes to mind while reading these songs in the playlist. The lyrics- "Wish we could turn back time to the good old days. When our momma sang us to sleep, but now we're stressed out." It adds a great modern beat too!

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