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I love writing, it is a very fun way to express how you feel through poems, stories, and novels. I would greatly appreciate it if you would give me tips, advice, or simple critiques. If you like Anne of Green Gables, Percy Jackson, The Elemental's, or The BEST SERIES OF ALL TIME, The Lunar Chronicles I will forever be your best friend! Fun fact my name is Cressa like Cress in The Lunar Chronicles!
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March 14, 2021


  I screamed at myself, willing my body to move. But of course it didn't. I was completely immobile, my body was numb but I still could feel it as if I were free of movement.  I felt only the slight lull of sleep as if a faint dream, my body might be sleeping but my mind was one hundred percent awake. I cursed. I cursed my stupid un-moving body. I cursed that blasted witch. I cursed that blasted spinning wheel. I cursed her stupid curse. Of course none of this helped, but it made me feel only slightly better. I glared at the spinning wheel. It had once looked enchanting but now... I would rather burn it and throw it into the depths of the sea. I have been in this bed chamber for over a month. Still as angry as I was when I had first been put to sleep. The room itself was fine. Beautiful silk curtains and marble pillars. Lush potted plants, and a soft pink canopy bed. I would have loved it, if it were not my prison. The witch had told me the depths of my curse. I was supposed to be trapped in a deep sleep for over a hundred years until my charming prince was to awaken me with a kiss. Personally I don't want to marry a prince who happens to be hundreds of years younger than me. 
She assured me she would be in rule over my kingdom then so I would be of no great threat to her. I had told her that she would only rule my kingdom over my dead body. She merely laughed and said I was going to be practically dead. What she didn't know is I was more alive then she had thought I would be. A soft breeze blew in the window, pushing my blonde curls into the warm air. I sighed. Internally of course. The wind pulling at my light blue gown. I had been told by my three fairy godmothers that they would visit me in a month's time. Clearly they were fine with taking their own sweet time. Eating buttercup cakes and watching the wings glitter in the sunlight. I knew it was most likely Fauna and Flora holding up the bunch. Merryweather would be pleading the two of them to hurry. I felt my insides warm. They had raised me since I was a baby. I had not known I was a princess, or them fairies. So they felt more like my family than my actual relatives. It was quite a shock to be told that the people that raised you are not related to you, let alone godmothers. I knew they would be along any moment. They may take a bit more time to arrive; fairy godmothers always made a big entrance, but I knew they always stuck to their word. Sure enough, Merry, Fauna, and Flora had shown up in front of me. Arriving in a mass of sparkles. Merryweather frowned, Fauna following with a swift shake of her head. They had only visited once before, when I had first been put to sleep, they still seemed as sad as before though.
    "Aurora darling, how are you? The weather treating you well? I hope that darned witch is long gone!" Flora said. Merryweather began cursing and mumbling about the witch.    
Oh life is great! Just taking a nap for over a month, waiting patiently for a prince to arrive! I said in my head trying to sound sarcastic. Fauna giggled.
    "You poor pretty little thing." she said, smirking. I would have gasped if I could. It was startling.
        Wait, you can hear me? I asked, trying to raise an eyebrow and failing terribly. Flora nodded, a small smile on her lips.
    “We are godmothers, are we not?” She said walking gracefully to my bedside. I began wondering how many things they had heard me say before. I attempted to smile, but nothing happened. Flora must've known I had tried because her smile grew. Flora was beautiful, in a grandmother sort of way. She had an air of authority when you were around her. But her short grey hair, warm brown eyes, and cheerful smile made it easy to see she was nothing to be intimidated by. She wore a deep crimson gown with mild embroidery and a darker red cloak. Her hair was neatly combed out of her face. 
    Well? You came with news did you not? I asked looking directly at Merryweather. She smiled, her pale face lighting up. Merry wore a deep blue gown, it contrasted wonderfully with her dark black hair and grey eyes.
    “Of course we did, we didn’t come here to cry over your helplessness!” Fauna said, smoothing her green gown, and giving me a cheeky smile. Her dark green eyes held a fun but sarcastic twinkle. Aunt Fauna as I called her, had always been a bit sarcastic. But that was well balanced between her sisters personalities. Flora had always been straight to the point but still a bit teasing, and Merry has a huge heart. She can’t bear to have someone in pain.
    “Oh Fauna! Please don’t tease her, she's only trying to get to the point.” Merry said, as if reading my mind. Fauna opened her mouth to bicker but Flora held up a hand silencing them both.
    “Now dear Rosy.” Flora said using my nickname. “We have come to inform you that you shall not have to wait.” she said simply. Merry’s eyes held a bit of confusion. I knew I would probably be confused as well if it were not for my christening gift. When I was a babe at my christening my Aunts… well godmothers had given me gifts. Flora gave me the gift of intelligence, Merryweather gave me the gift of incredible beauty, and Fauna the gift of grace. I let my gaze drop to Merry, trying to look sympathetic.
    She just means I will not be in sleep for a hundred years Aunt Merry. I said, clarifying. She nodded, her confusion disappearing. Now will it be a hundred and three years or more? I asked, adding a bit of humor into my thought. Flora laughed.
    “My dear Rose, you shall be free in a short time. I am unable to tell the exact moment, but I know it will be soon. I also know the special young man to awaken you.” She said, winking. Fauna groaned, but Merry’s giggles made my curiosity grow. I glanced between the three of them waiting for an answer. 
    “Oh Flora! May I please give her the slightest hint? I swear she will understand!” Merry said rushing to my side. Flora gave her a stern look, but even Flora could not Merryweather's genuine sweet smiles. Flora nodded slowly.
    “Merryweather, I will say yes... but we will have to leave immediately. We can not be questioned further about our dear Aurora’s future.” Flora said with a wink. Merry clapped her hands in giddy excitement. “Now Fauna and I will say our goodbyes.” Flora said gesturing for Fauna to come to the bedside. She bent down next to my ear and whispered so quietly that I almost could not hear her.
    “My darling Rose, this seems impossible but you look even more beautiful than you ever have. I will give you a hint about the time you are free. Fairy Dust.” she said with a smile. Fairy dust was another term for late afternoon. “ Goodbye little one.” Without another word Fauna disappeared in a cloud of green glitter. I was shocked. Aunt Fauna had never been so ‘mushy’ as she would say, before. I felt truly happy, for hearing that from Aunt Fauna was high praise indeed. Flora gave me a quizzical look, but of course my only expression was that of a beautiful sleeping maiden. Flora combed a blonde curl out of my face.
    “My dear beautiful Aurora, I will be restless until I see your darling face awakened and smiling again. I love you Rose.” She said and followed Fauna in a poof of crimson. I tried to picture what I looked like sleeping, I had been assured many times I slept like an angel. I had a clear rosy complexion, and long silky blonde curls. With the brightest blue eyes, and a graceful body. I was petite but could hold my own in a duel. My lips were full and rosy. My blue gown gave a good contrast between my hair and rosy skin. Many young women have been incredibly envies, but I often envy them. They were pretty but not gorgeous, allowing all to love them for themselves. I knew that kingdoms prospered under the rule of true love, but all the young princes and noblemen had only worshiped my beauty, not the true me. Well all except one. Merryweather bent down pulling me out of my thoughts.
    “I knew you once upon a dream!” Merryweather sang, she gave me a quick wink and disappeared with her blue sparkles. I gasped… as much as my thoughts could make of a gasp. I knew who she meant, the only other person that knew that song. The handsome boy who had made that song… for me. 
    Phillip! I said. A soft giggle sounded, as if Merry had heard me and sent her giggle as confirmation. I felt a faint flush rise up my neck, my sleeping face slowly warming. Phillip had been merely a boy when we had met, I was nine and he had been eleven. I was quite an adventurous girl, he had found me in a tree. He had told me that I needed an ‘older young man’ to accompany me on such adventures. He had not known I was the lost princess at the time, as did I. I said I was fully capable of climbing a tree by myself, but he climbed up and said he would be my partner in adventure instead. I had grown up with him most of my life. He seemed immune to my beauty and enjoyed the real me. Phillip had complimented me plenty as we got older, but most of his complements were for my intelligence and bravery. Our last encounter had been quite memorable. Phillip had told me he would not see me for quite some time, telling me he would miss our woodland treks. He had sang me that song, dancing late into the night with me before kissing my cheek and telling me he would miss me greatly. I remember his almost inaudible words he had whispered in my ear before he ran out of the vast forest. I love you dear Rose, my princess. He had left right after that, I watched him disappear with a hand on the spot he had kissed, still warm from his lips. He had never come to see me again, that was a week after I had found out I was royalty, a week after I had told him. I couldn't help but feel as if I had chased him away, it hurt so much because that night I had found out I loved Phillip. The words repeated in my head. Love. Love. Phillip. Phillip. Did I love Phillip? Of course I did, how could I not? A voice in my head whispered. I have not seen him in over three months, trapped with my broken, lost heart. But Phillip was not a prince, he was… well I don't know what he was. I had always assumed he was a noble’s son. Judging by the way he dressed and acted. I glanced out the window. It had become Fairy Dust… er well sunset. I felt a fast gust of wind blow by me. I risked a glance. Phillip.
    “You're sure it will work, Flora?” He asked. The Fairy as she and her sisters came into view.
    “Of course Prince Phillip!” Merryweather cut in. I gaped inside. Philly a prince? It seemed almost impossible, princes did not run and play with dirty girls. Did they?
    “Oh Merry! Please just call me Phillip! Just because I’m the son of King James and Queen Marie does not mean you have to call me that all the time! You even called me Philly like Aurora did if I recall!” Phillip said. This made the four of them cast glances at me.
    “This is not the time for such things Phillip! We must stay on track before that witch arrives!” This made Merry shudder. “ Answer this question,” Fauna said, rushing to my side. She gestured to me. “Do you love Aurora?” she asked. He flushed looking upon me. I tried to talk to my Aunts, but they seemed to have cut off our connection. He gazed at me, I knew if I had not been cursed I would have melted. He had the warmest brown eyes, with flecks of gold in them. His longish hair is the same color as his eyes. He was tall with broad shoulders and golden skin. He opened his mouth, clearing his throat.
    “Ye-Yes I love Aurora.” He said. Merry clapped in excitement, receiving a glare from Fauna. The words seemed sacred on his lips, my name even more enchanting when he said it. So Phillip really did love me. He truly did. Fauna turned to me.
    “Now Aurora do you love you dear Phillip?” she asked, Phillip looked at her as if she were mad. Fauna ignored him. I felt something burst inside of me. My mouth had only enough freedom to say very little. I opened my mouth leaving the smallest gap, my voice coming in a small whisper.
    “I love Phillip!” Phillip gasped, a slow smile crept on to his face. He knelt down to his knees, his face only a breath away from mine. The crackle of thunder sounded, startling them all. A puff of black smoke and the witch appeared. Maleficent. Phillip didn’t seem to notice.
    “Aurora,” he said before he closed the distance. The witch bellowed in anger. He kissed me, warmth spreading through my whole body. Blinding light shooting in all directions. I felt myself floating Phillip as well. The light slowly vanished and I dropped gracefully into Phillips arms. He broke the kiss. Resting his forehead on mine. The gasps of the fairies rang out.
    “Phillip. You came back,” Was all I got out. He smiled.
    “Of course I did, when Flora told me what happened to you I ran from the palace. It hurt so much to be parted from you, I love you Rose.” He said.
    “I love you too Philly!” I said, as he gently placed my feet on the ground. Merry was dabbing at her face, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks. Fauna and Flora were smiling. I ran and hugged them all.
    “Aunties! Oh how I’ve longed to run and hug you!” I said. They laughed and exclaimed their happiness. Even Aunt Fauna! I turned and saw Phillip staring at the place where the witch had once stood. She had disappeared with a bundle of cloth left in her place. I was horrified. Flora must have seen my face because she whispered a spell and then transformed the clothing into a huge group of butterflies escaping out the window.
    “She is long gone my dear, she can’t hurt you any longer! Now go, you father will be awaiting you and will be overjoyed at the announcement of your betrothal!” She said winking, I smiled grabbing Phillips hand and rushing out of my former prison. Phillip laughed. Warmth filled me with such fire I had no pain left in my memory. I had Phillip now. I was free, and I was forever released from my cursed endless slumber.
I had been wondering since I had first watched the Sleeping Beauty if Aurora had really been asleep, if she could feel or think at all. When I though more about it I thought it might be fun to write from her perspective as if she were not actually asleep. This was a totally new thing to me so I apolagize if this is a bit weird. I am very inexperiencied with writing, I have only taken interest this year. I would love some feed back aswell!


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  • Nyla

    This was so cool! I really loved how you took a spin on something everyone's familiar with! "Personally I don't want to marry a prince who happens to be hundreds of years younger than me. " was hilarious! You wrote this really well and I could clearly imagine everything happening! The ending was awww! And don't worry about being new to writing, I only started taking an interest this year as well!

    6 months ago
  • MadelineJane

    OOOOH this is such a great idea!!!! I could picture everything so well, too!!!
    Great job!

    6 months ago