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||she/them or whatever||
||16 (almost 17)||
||my writing style is run-on sentences and too many commas||
||simmering rage is what i am||
||but in the end, we all burn out like cigarettes||

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yall are nice
im stayn here

u h h prepare yourself for me spamming weird writing a lot

bro-rder! bro-rder in the court!
so first a guy named spider got wacked

weird info things :3
ravenclaw, dumb biotch, @ss and Arson Inc, Clone high, Umbrella academy, IDKHBTFM, sherlock holmes, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, penelope scott, gay af, b r o k e, a lgbtia podcast in the works, a book also in the works, worm on a string, finger guns and flannels

i joined uh dec 2nd 2020 so thats cool
im back after a short little break from writing!

Please check out my work called "Noris" Im very proud of it!!


March 13, 2021


pretentious pretentious pretentious.
my words are not summertime or flowers
nor the night sky and coffee

no my words are the cracking of a bone as it hits the ground
and the scrape of gravel and against gravel
the smell of rotting things deep in the forest
biting your cheek accidentally and the taste of blood
the white starkness of a hospital being broken up by human colors of whatever we are made of

my words are not pretty
because they are not refined and i do not hold them in any esteem
i do not plan i do not 
i throw up and show my insides for the world to see and say 
"look? what do you think? are you disgusted yet? do you feel something?"

my writing is the freakshow of the modern century, the bottom of the barrel of human existence
for onlookers to gasp and gape at
and later say, oh well im glad im not like that

wrongwrong see im just like you i might be you hiding in your skin
an infection through your brain

its too late for this circus show

i say
"look at this, isn't it strange and gross"

i order you
"look at the obscenities of human nature"

you step inside the tent but its just a mirror and you cry and that is the end of it all.

my words are not right or wrong or left or up.

they just are and they are not amazing or anything

they are lines and squiggles that i have nightmares about and cry onto the screen oh the horror of it all lets go to the movies and we'll kiss and break up and then you'll die in your 60s and i wont even know

 my hands shake as i try my best to steady the ship
but we are going down!

im not going down fighting
you are

i am not a mistake or anything, to be something would imply
form and shape and purpose and energy and mass and all i have

all i have is?
all i ahve is..

i noticed a mispelling


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  • nolongeractive

    Re: Thank you so so so much!

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    Haha, looking at your writer's message, I knowwww!!! Everyone is sooo talented!! Including you btw!! :) This was so deep and really well done. I especially loved the mirror part, "my words are not right or wrong or left or up.

    they just are and they are not amazing or anything
    " and "they are lines and squiggles that I have nightmares" Great job!!! :))

    6 months ago
  • nolongeractive

    This is so pretty and simple yet relatable. You have exceptional talent, well done! I cannot wait to see what you do next!

    6 months ago