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Hello everyone, Đåínþý_Øbľìvîöņ. I hope you enjoy Among Us because this was a little different. This is an essay and journal log styled story. I really enjoyed making this one so I hope you guys enjoy it and leave your comments and thoughts down below. Thank you!

Among Us Journal Logs By: Đåínþý_Øbľìvîöņ

March 12, 2021


Journal Log #1:
Hello, my name is Deiandre, but the other crewmates call me Red. No one really cares about your name here, we are only here to do our task and travel to an unknown planet to colonize. I am actually really excited because this is so new to me and I am really happy to make news friends and meet new people. I was a little skeptical at first, but now I am ready to see where this goes. The way I will be doing my logs is from time to time, to keep track of what I am doing and to remember some stuff that I may forget in the future. Until next time!
Journal Log #9:
I've been hanging out with Cyan a lot, she seems like a really nice person. The only thing that bothers me about her is the egg on her. I understand that all of us brought something to wear on their head and a little companion, but I swear that little egg on her head has been blinking at me. It is really creepy man, I even asked her about her egg and all she did was tap her egg, looked at me, tapped it again and stuck her tongue out and said "I got an egg on me head." A very strange girl, but it is nice to at least have company now.
Journal Log #14:
We just landed on a new planet called Polus, from the information I read from this morning's briefing we actually colonized this planet a long long time ago but we ended up abandoning it 34 years ago. It is actually pretty cool to pick up where an old generation left off if you actually think about. 
Journal Log #17:
Recently I have been spending more time by myself, don't get me wrong I enjoy hanging out with everyone but I want to learn more about this place. Before coming here I was studying journalism, I really wanted to be a journalist because I write a lot of stories and I have been making stories while being here. I keep records of what happens around so I can be able to recall something that others can not. I guess you can say I am more of an observer more than being social like the others.
Journal Log #35:
Something really strange happened today...I was in security watching cams and Black's children came in and asked where their mom was. At the moment I really didn't know so I tried to look through cams to find them but I had no luck. When I was trying to find Black both of her children were running in a circle trying to catch each other and then they started rolling around on the ground. When I tried to stop them Black and Yellow came in and asked me what I was doing. I told them that her children came in here looking for you and I couldn't find you so I was confused about where you were. Yellow then told me that they were at the reactor, it didn't go off but they were putting in a new attachment to it. I guess they took the idea from the Skeld's reactor and made it possible so two people needed to stop it from exploding. I guess they made it so two people are at each panel, one is trying to slow down the explosion's time, while the other is fixing what the problem is in my opinion, a very awesome idea, but a little hectic.
Journal Log #66:
I can't believe this, early this morning there was a meeting called. Everyone was cranky and annoyed. When we all got to the meeting room we noticed that Black was missing but her children were there. We asked them where she was and they didn't say anything, they were just crying. Then finally Brown spoke up....."I called this meeting" he said. He sounded so sad and solemn when he was talking that I was a little scared to be honest. "I.....I woke up early this morning to go into O2 to.....to get fruits for this morning's breakfast. When I went into O2 I saw something weird hanging from the garbage disposal. I went to take a closer look a-and." Brown starts crying and then he slams his hands on the table. "One of you killed my wife!" And with that everyone was in shock that it was unbelievable and at that moment, I knew nothing would be the same after this.
Journal Log #102:
We just finished our research on Polus, it was really hard though.....After Black's death, no one has been the same especially Brown. I would never know how it feels to find my wife's body knowing that something or someone killed her. He has been keeping a better eye on his children, but especially more on everyone else. I was working late one night sitting in the bed of the Skeld and he was patrolling the area. I was really worried so I asked him if he wanted any company, the look on his face really showed that he was truly going through pain. We ended up going to the office brewing some coffee and walked around patrolling together. "Thank you.....for never giving up.....I know this is hard for you and I could never imagine this happening to me if I had a wife." He smiles and cries a little. "You know, you are the youngest person on this ship besides my children, but between me and you why did you join this expedition?" I look at him and I then smile. "I joined this expedition to see what is out here, to see and discover myself. I just graduated college from where I am from and I was struggling as a journalist and I ended up distancing myself from my friends and family, but then I saw this. I wanted to discover myself and use my writing skills so I joined this expedition to better myself and maybe even go back to work and start my own job as a writer." He smiles at me and as we walk into the cabins we stop to see his two children. "I never wanted to do this.....I never wanted to go out into space, but I did it for my wife. She loved space so much that we thought it'd be a new experience. We were going to leave our children at home, but as you may know and see they are little mischievous kids. They snuck onto the Skeld and with a long conversation we agreed that it was too late and that they needed to be without at all time." Brown slowly starts to cry and I give him a hug to comfort him. In my head I am hoping that we will get through this.....all of us.
Journal Log #135:
Today we ended up having to be in pairs because of Brown's orders so each of us can be safe. Brown, Pink and Yellow were in charge of making the corrections to Skeld on the outside of the ship. Lime Green and Purple were in charge of checking if we needed to stop by a station called Mira HQ for supplies and food. Blue, White and Orange are the ones who are needed to clean everything so at least we don't start getting dust on everything. And lastly me and Cyan were in charge of navigation and making sure the data downloads from the other sections of the were done. Brown came to me and asked me if I could watch his children. I said sure because it isn't just that we began to trust each other and become friends but also because I knew he needed a break. So I took them with me and Cyan and began finishing our task for the day. When we went into admin to upload the final data Little Brown asked me if me and Cyan were dating. I never blushed so much under my helmet ever while being here but I think my suit even became brighter red than it already was. Little Black started tugging on my hand and teasing me that I ended stuttering that I couldn't get a word out. Cyan started laughing and I ended up blushing more.....this was a very interesting day.
Journal Log #202:
I am rolling in embarrassment right now, Cyan actually showed me her face and told me her name. I can't believe it, I know I look like I could kill someone but I am such a cinnamon roll underneath. She told me that she won't tell me her full name, but she told me to call her Lex. I swear I am so soft.....
*Initiating live recording* 
*Recording starting*
"You did this! You killed Blue and Lime in cold blood!"
"Why are you blaming me, you weren't with anyone! Me and Pink showed up in electrical and we saw you vent! I know it was you!"
"Get Brown out now!"
"P-please n-no not daddy!"
"D-daddy don't leave us like mommy did!"
"I-it is okay little ones. R-red and C-cyan will watch over you I promise..."
"Red, please I hope you aren't the imposter, but please protect my children...."
*Recording stopped*
Journal Log #321:
It wasn't Brown, or Pink.....we are alone now in this maze of metal and scrap. We can't call for backup, or fix the lights.....we are trapped here, like rats in a maze trying to find cheese. I don't know where Little Brown and Little Black are and I am afraid. I hope they are with Lex, but at the same time.....there are only three of us left. For all I know Lex could be the imposter. I can't dwell on the thought of anyone more I need to.....I need to get out of here.
Journal Log #330:
This is my last log.....I found Yellow in the cafeteria with Little Black and Little Brown in his lap. I can't believe Lex did this.....but at the same time.....this thing may not be a person. T-this started all at Polus.....that means they have been around us all along, trying to be one of us, trying to live.....among us.....I don't think Lex was the only one, but if that is that means.....Brown was really an imposter. If you are reading this p-please know that it is now infested with a crewmate.....p-please kill it......kill it with everything you have.....and d-don't let it kill anyone else.....
*Initiating live recording* 
*Recording starting*
"H-hello, this is a warning, my last warning......t-there are m-multiple of their kind.....p-please kill t-them all.....p-pl-"
"Oh Red~ Ah here you are.....Come here my dear Deiandre.....now we can be together.....forever~"
*Recording stopped*
*Initializing recording*
*Last recording downloading*
*Last recording.....deleted*
*All Journal Logs.....deleted*


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  • Awesome Sienna

    Wow! This is such a cool idea. It got quite creepy towards the end. Fantastic job!

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    Wow! That was such a cool idea, and I love how you incorporated both journal entries and recordings!! My favorite part was this " trying to live.....among us....." because I just found it really cool! This was such a unique idea! Amazing!! :)

    6 months ago
  • Elizabeth Lewis

    This is so cool!!!! I love how you incorporated recordings into the piece and only told us bits and pieces of the story and made us think about what was actually happening! (especially toward the end!) Good job!!!!! God is kind!

    7 months ago
  • mindfruit (semi-active)

    Oh wow, this is amazing! The concept is so original, and you developed it fantastically. I never thought among us could be creepy, but this piece changed my mind. Wow. Wow.

    7 months ago