Ramses IV

Saudi Arabia

Made in Pakistan
Music, anime, books, candles, the beach, and writing.
Book series in progress called "The Condemned Ones".

Message to Readers

Journey is a series of poems about ten high school students. Each poem shows the world through their perspective, breaking the stereotypes they are labeled as, and describing their journey through high school, and the struggles they face at home and outside of school as well.


March 13, 2021


painting is a way of expressing thought 
since she can't do it with her mouth
like all the others do
and if being mute ever had a cure
she'd tell bloody mary that it was ok
to not care about other things,
since she had no one else who wouldn't judge her
with hurtful words, telling her she's heartless
then she'd look into the lens and smile
and thank him for showing the world her art
when she couldn't find the courage to do so
or maybe she wouldn't since they didn't speak
just sat in silence, the silence that was never awkward
but comforting, and companionable
by the intertwining of their fingers
she'd tell her parents that she loved them
and her brother that she appreciated it when
he defended her from other's words
when she didn't have a voice
and she'd thank the nerd for that time in freshman year
when he'd introduced her to the class
with just one panicked look she gave him
for the player when he told the lunch lady
what she wanted every day
she'd thank everyone for making her feel
like in this horrible world,
she wasn't the only


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1 Comment
  • Nyla

    Wow! This is beautiful and the ending was so powerful! I love your formatting because it just adds to it and makes it so easy to read. This is so simple but the emotion is still there and I love how you told a whole story! Great job :))

    6 months ago