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I wrote the idea of this story a long time ago - it's quite different to what I usually put on here. Tell me if you like it!!
Take care and I hope you have a wonderful day :D

Gypsy - Chapter one

March 12, 2021


Shining through the blinding luminescence of sap green trees the sunlight danced its way to the ground, creating a mottled mattress of gold below. Spring had melted away the coolness of winter, making snowdrops, daffodils and each and every blade of grass thrust their way through the soil to bask in the newfound warmth. Beneath the fanning branches of an ancient oak, I lay upon a spongy patch of moss. A shy smile crept onto my face, as my fingers traced along the ground, breaking into a broad grin as I gazed closer at the forest around me. A clump of flowers clung about the roots of the oak, each petal so delicately placed around a pollen centre coated in fragrant perfume. The stalks proudly held up their burdens, like soldiers wearing heavy helmets, yet were also liable to snap if a strong breeze sailed past. 
I sat up, leaving the comfort of my mossy mattress below, to lean against the oak. It was old, very old. I suddenly was reminded of Sam, our head gamekeeper, when he taught me that you can see how old a tree is by counting the rings on its stump. Of course, you had to cut it down first and it would be criminal to even slightly harm this tree. I ran my fingers over its bark instead, crevices and bulging mountains etched into its skin like the wrinkly face of a person. A bluebell demurely stood next to me, its petals dropping like a lady's bonnet. I sketched it into my open notebook, delicately shading the patches where the light could not reach.
On the other side of the forest, a road snaked downwards, freewheeling after the steep climb of the hill until it reached a dip just outside Cassnavon, the manor house. Guarded by steely, imposing gates the manor was only visible in patches between the concealing formal gardens. White, huge and slightly foreboding with pillars holding up the weight of its monstrously huge roof - it was quite a sight to behold. Though I referred to it as home, it was the land around it, the forest and the brook and the wide lawns, that really felt like a mother's hug. The house was only useful as a place to sleep. 
Suddenly a twig snapped making my head jerk up and my hand leave a shaky pencil line across the page.
"Only me Miss Ca'navon, only me"
"Sam" A smile flickered across my face. He emerged from the shaded trees with a grin so broad it straddled the width of his face. His green eyes sparkled in the sunlight, brownish hair playfully being tussled by the wind. Sam took long strides across the clearing, steady paces but with a characterful lilt that could only belong to him. He settled next to me, the scent of horses and earth wafting across as he tapped my drawing with a reddened and hardworking hand. 
"Ver' nice Miss Ca'navon. I am sorry I star'led you"
"Do not apologise Sam." I smiled "Have you been at the stables? I might ride Snowdrop later today."
He shyly broke into a grin "Ac'ully Miss Ca'navon I be'n workin' at Ranger's farm, jus' on the other side o' the fores'" A flinch of embarrassment clouded his face. "Danny pay' fair an' it migh' keep Edith 'nd Lizzie ou' o' work for a li'tle longer"
Now it was my turn to be embarrassed "Sorry Sam, I could ask father-"
"No" he interjected, a sense of severity and pride breaking the usual calm warmth of his voice "No than' yo' Miss Ca'navon. I'nt necessary"
"Of course" I turned back to my drawing "I apologise Sam, it is not for me to interfere."
"No Miss Ca'navon. You'e swee' to concer' y'urself. Besides" He fiddled with twig by his side "Yer be'n me fr'end for years. Y'u know everythin' 'bout me."
I looked straight at him to meet the gaze of his green eyes staring right back. Sparkling eyes, trusting eyes. I knew I could never bear to hurt them, for that trust to fade out when he looked at me.
I turned to finish my sketch, the twittering birds and my scratching charcoal the only sound around us. Sam began to hum, one of those old folk tunes who's lyrics wear out by being sung over too many centuries, so they simply run off leaving only the tune behind. It was Sam's song - the one that played on his lips in moments of rest and probably when at work too. Nobody suited it better.
"The gypsies are back." He stopped humming all of a sudden, the jolt of reality coming back in an instant.
I smiled before I could suppress it. Those wild souls always captivated me, roaming as free spirits over the land. What could be more perfect?
"Is Ranger allowing them to stay on his land again?" I thought of my father, how he would turn a deep shade of puce and angrily fiddle with his whiskers if he knew.
"Yes" They'll be arriv'ng withi' the week I imagin'. Ranger's always lookin' for workers he can cut wages for by let'ing them on the lan'."
"Yes. I hope that it will not impact on your own work for him."
He smiled understandingly, "Thank yo' Miss Ca'navon. I'm cer'in it won't"
The stable clock struck twelve, its ringing bells rampaging in loud yells across the lawns and gardens but becoming exhausted into muffled whispers by the time it reached the forest.
"I must go" I stood up to leave, clasping my notebook and smoothing my gown, "The Cosgrave's are coming to dine later." I turned back momentarily, facing the smiling peace of Sam's countenance "It was lovely seeing you Sam."
He grinned as I hurtled down the hill towards the manor, my skirts raised as the air laughed in my ears, tussling my hair and grazing my cheeks. It carried his final words of "You too Miss Ca'navon" down the slope towards me.



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  • Nyla

    I really loved this story! Your imagery and descriptions were just otherworldly- like seriously- I loved them!! And the story was so intense- there were so many things brought up and like the way you worded the dialogue- it was easy to understand what was happening and what the character's roles were! The story gave us a lovely insight into this privileged, free-spirited girl- amazing! I'd love to see you write more of this!! RE: Awww, thank you! And haha aww of course- it was totally deserving! And what? That's crazy! You must be a natural then! Awwww- you're so sweet!! Hahah omg even the way you type is so British (using words like "bless" and "lucky thing" lol)! Hahaha loll! My family lives in the south part so that's what I'm used to hearing but when my mum used to watch Coronation Street I would hear the Northern accents. Oh my! I can't even understand it! They talk so fast! It's really nice but my Canadian self is just not used to it! And then when I put on a fake accent- my mum and aunts say I sound too posh- like Oliver Twist! And ooh yes- you definitely should! Oooh, it really depends- there's so much variety in landscape here because it is quite a big country! If you want to go to an island, there's the little island provinces- P.E.I is where Anne of Green Gables (if you've ever read) is set in so that's amazing! We also have The Rockies mountain range over in B.C. which is also by the Coast (west coast) and it's soooo beautiful there. I think Victoria, B.C. is considered the most beautiful city in Canada. And then there's Ontario if you want to go to Toronto for the major city and Niagra falls for the waterfall. Honestly everywhere is so beautiful- there's no one place!
    And awww, same with you!! Becca's such a lovely name by the way- is it short for Rebecca? Or just Becca?
    And are there any places in the U.K. I should try to visit once COVID is all over? Ooh and also, I just realized, I completely forgot to ask- where in the U.K. do you live? Cause I've just been assuming England- which I now realize I should not have been doing!
    Have a great evening! (cause when I send this I think it's like 6 or 7 there)
    Nyla <3

    6 months ago
  • Dragonfly

    The setting and the atmosphere you create are beautiful! I love your detailed description and it's a great start for a story too! You introduce the reader to the story in a very vivid way; I'd really like to know how it goes on :)
    Re: Thank you so much!! I'm glad you like it :D I have to confess I have read few of the books you mentioned. I have read the first three Harry Potter books, always wanted to read a John Green book, but never did and I have the first Divergent book on my bookshelf, but I haven't read it yet. The book We Hunt the Flame left me emotionally really empty (I still have to read the second book) and the Farseer Trilogy; generally I tend to be in this emotional state after finishing fantasy books (if they're well written), but I simply read books from that genre the most.
    Thank you :) it isn't a very common name.. Becca is a very pretty name too; it sounds so lively!
    Reply whenever you want! As you see I have taken my time to reply as well (sorry for that).
    Yes, as far as I know the great temperature differences are the reason, why the stones slowly split until they become sand. But I think the desert city will be fine, one might insulate the houses very thoroughly or perhaps hot water runs beneath the city (though I suppose it would not be a desert in that area anymore). As it remains fictional at present (sadly), the climate might simply work differently or there's some sort of magic that keeps the city warm at night.
    Yes, one wasn't even allowed to take pictures, which is understandable, I suppose (I have no idea how fragile books are at a certain age), but it would have been great. And, as you say, it would be really interesting to find out what was written in all those books (though most of them are probably written in languages I don't understand). Yes, I do hope so! Think traveling allows to see things from a different perspective and there are so many places to visit :)
    Thank you! I am not so sure about that; I will have to study for them at least. Yes, I am very glad, when those assessments are done. Good luck to you too! (I am sure, you'll will master them though).
    Yes, I suppose that is a factor as well: There is more time to do the work, so one can to it more thoroughly. Well, homeschooling has pros and cons. I like that I can decide when I work on which subject and when I take breaks. And I have more time in the morning, because I do not have to got to school and, as you said, you can decide, which people you want to see :). But it is harder to communicate with the teachers and we have to write and hand in things more than usual, as not all teachers like to do video conferences with us. But it's quite okay all in all.
    That sounds great! I'd love to do something artistic as well (though I'm not sure I'm talented or invested enough in the matter). It probably is a little like every other school, but you'll be able to do, what you love; I'm sure it will be great! I do not know yet, what I'll do after school. I'll take a gap year for voluntary work or something similar and then plan further. I hope I'll know what I want to do then.
    Yes! I think I know what you mean; it's is kind of fulfilling to create things. I agree, it's always great to have your hands stained in the process, it kind of makes me feel more involved and productive (probably strange, but it feels more real to me). The problem with origami is, that you can't simply create what you want; you need instructions. One has to understand how it works very well, to be able to create new shapes out of paper (without cutting or gluing) and I haven't managed to that yet. But it's fun anyway.
    Thank you! I really enjoy chatting with you too, Becca! (I fear, I might be talking a bit much about myself, I still have to practice creativity when it comes to communication through writing..)
    Have a great day and take care!
    Malin <3
    (Don't worry, this message is probably quite long too!)

    6 months ago
  • barelybear

    1. Potato cult. Yes! We can find a way to vanquish the atrocity that is the sweet potato. (All my evil scientist potential will be put to good use after all)
    2. I’m so glad you decided to pursue art, Becca! I definitely envy people who can draw really well. It’s always been my weakness. Well, that and hockey. And football. And most sports, really. It feels like some kind of cynical reflection on my life that I can never hit the balls unless it’s dodgeball :p
    3. Ahh see well this morning I planned it all out. I was going to revise for the chemistry test tomorrow, then throw in some French because yesterday she told us we’d have a closed book written exam on Tuesday. And possibly physics because our teacher decided to join the club and set a test too :D
    I think I’ll definitely have to take up the rant offer one day (if this doesn’t count ahah) if this is just the run up to exams. But at least it will all be over soon. Better go find out what enthalpy change means.

    I think writing this with numbers has got me in a really organised mood
    Let’s not waste it on ordering highlighters :D

    6 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    re: aww tysm! Ayyy yeah that's me :P And yes, I've been learning French for about 2 years. It's suchh a beautiful language. Vous devriez l'apprendre!

    6 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: ach I’m sure you will have better days than chips and books (hmm somehow though I don’t see a problem there hehe). Did I mention I absolutely worship potatoes?
    Anyways, sometimes friends can be funny like that, but i guess c’est la vie. Stay positive because you deserve to decide your happiness!
    Lel testing is super strange and that exam failure point really hit lel. Another thing about the sciency parents - I seem to have inherited some kind of brain genes. Whichhh basically means more pressure to get the higher grades (and then I go and take drama lmao). It’s okay, I’m doing maths a level to compensate. Nah it’s not that bad to be fair - I kinda like the satisfaction of maths, and my parents aren’t too disheartened because my siblings love science ahah. I’m getting Oxford pressure vibes from my mum though ahhh.

    We have exam week at the start of May. I haven’t begun revision, but I think I’ll start on Monday lmao. It’s kinda like late notice GCSEs skskksks

    About this: I love it a lot! Especially the speech you’ve used for Sam, and the imagery you’ve put in there, like “Proudly held up their burdens, like soldiers wearing heavy helmets.” Ahhh it was just so vivid - perfect. Review mode did kick in and said that perhaps in your descriptions you could maybe tone down the adjectives (but they are all amazing, so Ik if I were in your place I wouldn’t want to remove any lel).
    I love that you’ve put art into it, because that’s your passion and it’s so great! The moment she started sketching, I felt so intimately connected to her! And, of course, what a great set up - romance, exploration, a posh girl finding her voice! I definitely want to read more :D ahhh why so many exclamation marks?? All the more of an intense read for you :)

    Anyways, this is getting long lmao. You’ll notice I liked this ages ago ahhh. So hope you have a good evening, and eat lots of chips haha <3

    6 months ago