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Writing is weird. And I'm weird. So I guess it fits.
Currently writing a book called Hang the Moon, because...why does anyone write? It's fantasy and sort of sci-fi? And isn't all this just turning into questions?
Because I'm weird, that's why.
So. My advice. Which is kinda what this's for. If you get stuck, write from the POV of a character in a different medium, like poetry if you are writing a short story or book.
And don't stop writing. Except to eat.
Food is good.
I'm kidding. You can stop whenever you want. Just make sure you really want to.
I'm not very funny, but I write comedy, so...that's a problem.
Be yourself, and stuff.
My characters make me cry sometimes. Does that count as cruel and unusual punishment?


March 11, 2021

There is a place I call the world, and so often it goes unnamed.
It is called only for its cities, countries, states.
But to me, it is just the world.
It is sunsets on beaches, forests in the night, in summer, when you feel the fear of being out alone and thrill of the same.
Once I saw three shooting stars, burning ones, like the earth had reached out arms and flung them down just for me. It was at a lake in Maine somewhere, and there were a million stars, pinpricks of light.
Stars. My stars. The world's stars. I could even see the edge of the galaxy.
Here I never see the stars.
But here I name the moments, because I will never live them again.
Here there is a cherry blossom tree in my front yard, here I have a pot of bamboo, which I have named Kormorebi, for the Japanese word of light streaming through leaves, of the shadow it makes, of dappled sunlight.
Here is the world.
The world is the moment.
The world is the past.
The world is the future.
And so often it is unnamed.
The world is magnolia flowers outside my window. The world is the silence of snow in winter. The world is the rain forests, never quiet.
Until they're gone.
Until the world is no longer green and blue but the grey of smoke.
Until the word 'world' itself is gone and 'earth' has no more meaning than the planet we're on.


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  • Nyla

    wow! The last line was super powerful! I love how you started off all positive and then it turned into this is what's going to happen if we don't take a look at our actions! Great!!

    6 months ago