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the cliffnotes of dee’s abditory so she can revisit her life

March 11, 2021


    Fifteen years old, and she's already done everything that America has to offer for teenagers. In fact, she's so done with being another American girl that she'll don another personality just to keep things interesting. Somedays, she'll wake up and be an Irish chick who was sent to boarding school. For what reason, you ask? No one knows. The girls whisper as she walks up, a smile playing on her lips. What could she have done to be sent her, all confidence and secrecy?
    Somedays, she's a gentle British girl. Or so she seems. In actuality, she's like a Subway Surfers avatar in real life. Yes, you read that right. She's got those crazy reflexes and always has the best comeback at the ready. Just looking at her though, you'd never know it. A little taller than your average person, about 5' 6 or so, she's always looking for the next reason to show her skills off.
    But somedays, she wakes up, and she's just another American teen. Kinda uncultured, always spending hours scrolling mindlessly through TikTok and Twitter, looking for the next big DIY thing. She passes the time by drawing and sketching pictures that she finds average and eventually throws away. She heads out to the driveway, a basketball tucked under one arm, but stops when she feels the sweltering heat. She sighs and throws her head back. Another day, then.
    Almost every day, when she wakes up, she stops and looks at the ceiling of her room. Remember, she says, if Cat Grant doesn't give up, then neither will you. She stands and shakes off her morning ughs (because they ARE a thing). You know what? Today, she won't be another basic American girl with an iPhone, her Spotify, and a Starbucks (and yes I'm calling myself out). She'll be Diana Flynn, an Australian dancer who dropped out of high school to pursue her dream of starting a dance company for the low-income families. And I'll be damned if I let anyone stop me.
before yall ask, yes, i had total permission to write this! i was having some writer's block, and there is nothing more fun for me than imagining what other people's lives are like. you know how it is, people watching at the mall and stuff like that. Anyway, most of this is NOT accurate, it's just some assumptions and all that.
i would also love to do other people, as well, if yall want, just lmk. enjoy :)


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  • pyrrhic

    as a close friend of dee, this was so entertaining! pretty accurate as well! “always has the best comeback at the ready” TRUUUEEEE

    about 2 months ago
  • ChimChim_1

    Re: Me too!!

    2 months ago
  • psithurism

    Oh my gosh this is awesome

    2 months ago
  • resident philocalist

    I need to bookmark this its amazing
    You’re almost right. I’m 5’9” teehee
    This is so cool!!! I love it lol, “remember, if cat grant doesn’t give up, neither will you!” I was rolling at this. Amazing. Incredible. Show stopping. Never been done before. <3

    2 months ago