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most if not all of my pieces have songs linked to them. give them a listen, you might like what you hear.

i hope the next decision you make brings you happiness.

take your hands, to summertime

March 15, 2021



it smells like the summer of '19 
like hollow days, falling down staircases, and dust colored sky
blue sunlight streaming through hot glass
when my fingertips burned themselves on the seatbelt
when the cicadas sang like they were dying
i buried myself into those waves of distorted heat 
and tried to remember again what it was like to be free
i wish i could discard hindsight and everything i said yesterday
it hurts more to regret than to simply forget it all
but these memories give me comfort unwittingly
even if there is no one i can share them with

the rabbits are hard at work, march 12th, 2020
breathing in this sweetened musk, it feels like a summer again 
when the night sky inhales, the stars sag against the veil
after mourning, imagining an angel on the moon 
that hides behind the shadow of the house and cries with us
the wind strangles the branches of the tree
the leaves fall in spring
every movement is a recapitulation, a culmination
lifelessly falling into the lull of eternal monotony
someone will find comfort in such a thing:
the rabbits beating medicine on the moon
again and again, they will repeat while we cling to our fragments of eternity
feels like so much has changed in so little time
these memories remain where stagnation breed
even if i am the only one capable of recalling them, i will cherish them
until the world turns again

take your hands - yuki kaijura

here's to one year on this site. admittedly, this was a sloppy thing that i wrote only last night, but i suppose i had to publish something for today. so it's been a year! y'all can't see the first thing i wrote because i unpublished it out of shame but the italicized line is the first sentence that i wrote ever in this place. it's really been a long ride. 


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  • Wisp

    I'm a little late, but! Happy one year! And congrats on the 200!! I know you were looking forward to hitting that milestone, and I hope you realize that you are a part of this new era of writers, because WtW would honestly not be the same without you in it chrysanthemums&ink.
    Also, this piece is just lovely. It feels so innocent and reminiscent, it's a kind of serenity that is just so sweet in all the right ways. I love the overall vibe of it, and that line: "the rabbits are hard at work" it just adds to this whole reminiscent aspect, especially since it's the first thing you wrote on here (haha, I totally get what you mean about unpublishing out of shame). Definitely a sweet one year piece!
    Once again, congrats and happy anniversary! May you reach more milestones in the coming years!

    7 months ago
  • joella

    chrys!! i can't believe it's been a year...crazy. i still remember when you first joined! congrats on 200 followers and here's to many more milestones!! ily to the moon and back <3

    7 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    "when my fingertips burned themselves on the seatbelt" okay this just brought me back to summer like nothing else can. wowwowwow chrys you've done it again.
    "i wish i could discard hindsight and everything i said yesterday" ........ uhm how? this is so nostalgic and yet full of regret and just...... wow.....
    "every movement is a recapitulation, a culmination / lifelessly falling into the lull of eternal monotony" oh my gosh this is possibly the most poetic thing i've read this year.... this line is intense. and so good. and made my jaw drop -- literally. you're amazing.
    "the rabbits beating medicine on the moon" there was a children's book called "the easter egg artists" and i want you to look it up right now because this line reminds me of it so much -- not the story but the style of the illustrations. to me this looks like a rabbit wearing eyeglasses and an apron, standing on the moon. gosh. i haven't thought about that book in years!!
    and hooray for one year on the site!! wow it's been a journey and i wasn't here at the beginning but i'm so glad i'm here now :) AND 200 FOLLOWERS?!?! well what a way to celebrate the anniversary :D so happy for you! your writing has inspired me -- it does inspire me, every day. you've shown me how poetry can reach into someone and bring back memories they didn't know they had, how words can be melodic and yet so strikingly raw. wowwowwow i'm so glad to be able to know you!! :) all my love!! -blue

    7 months ago
  • nolongeractive

    This is so pretty and simple yet relatable. I can already tell that your writing is going to mean a lot to a lot of people one day! You are amazing and I cannot wait to see what you do next!

    7 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Lovely piece. And congrats! (happy anniversary?) I'm so glad you're here, Chrys.

    7 months ago
  • nopenopenope

    dude, you're so close to 200 followers! aaa, i'm so excited for you! you've grown so much, and it shows in a lot of your work.

    7 months ago