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"you bind your own hands and drink from the chalice like your life depends on it, because it does in a way, because the people depend on it, and you are the People incarnate"


March 12, 2021

PROMPT: March Grab Bag

The concept of waking up somewhere different wasn't new to him. He'd been thinking about it for a while.    He'd been getting cold chills, insatiable hunger, an aversion to the outdoors; it was day 3 since his accident and he'd taken to tending his garden during the night. He couldn't stand the sun; it made him itch like none other, like he'd draw blood if he rubbed his arm any harder, and yet there was no real blood to pull. He'd taken to eating his steaks rare, whilst sitting on the midnight window sill and picking at the lint of his Sunday suit.   He knew that he whatever ailed him wasn't going to let him make it to the pearly gates, and that whatever organic part left of him that had once been alive wouldn't have stuck around for the aftermath.    He wasn't sure how he was still alive right now, or maybe he was just conscious.  He caught himself confusing the two a lot.    The old inhabitant of the flat- his own flat, and yet just as much not his- had left a lot behind. Slabs of butter lay in the fridge and thick beaded rosaries, cakes and breads were carefully wrapped or hanging over doorways. Old ties, coats, and sunhats lay on their bed, and the sunlight struggled weakly past the stained windows for entrance into the now desolate apartment. It didn't feel like home anymore, more like a saferoom.  He sat quietly in the ornate rocking chair, taking care to avoid the silver flakes, waiting to open his eyes and find the inhabitant looking back at him in the bathroom mirror. And yet they didn't come back. He knew they wouldn't, and despite that he couldn't quell the feeling of unease.  Maybe it was unease. Maybe it was hunger.  He couldn't remember when he'd last eaten, when he'd last felt full.    The wound on his neck stuck with him like tar, and the sting distracted him from the old browning red blooming on his collar. He'd ordered a bespoke coffin to his house, watching the artisan pull up outside his house. They didn't question the request, only the bill, which he paid with ease.  It was day 5 and he'd been laying inside the coffin next to framed photos of his family, inhaling the musky smoke of lillies and incense. It was somewhat morbid, he mused, conducting the funeral he'd never actually have, but he wanted to start afresh. He couldn't hold on to his humanity anymore, not when he was no longer human.  People like him weren't even considered people anymore. He remembered closing the lid and slipping into a deep sleep, deeper than any he'd ever felt, to the point of transcendence beyond his cold tortured semi-existence, his off-set heart pumping nothing but memories.    He woke up in the same coffin, considerably darker without the weak light of the outdoors, with the same gilded white gold engraving, the same wooden beads strung around his neck, and as he pushed the lid open he was met with the harsh light of fluorescenct rods, the static pulling his hair to the glass. He tried not to squint too much as he looked past the gasping camera flashing crowd outside his cage, and more on the lid in front of him. His hands, sinewy and cold, pushed him up against the glass, against the newspaper cuttings of a man dead in his apartment looking remarkably like his own, past the framed pictures of his family and the dusty smoke of lillies and incense. Woken up in a new world, he could only watch, or rather, be watched.
Yus. I'm back! Supernatural brainrot is strong in this one~


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  • Johanna

    Re: YES that would be lovely please and thank you <3

    4 months ago
  • danee

    Re: Johanna there could be a second part if you so wished?... ;)

    4 months ago
  • Johanna

    omigosh vampiresss! will there be a second part by any chance?

    4 months ago
  • tas (yellowbrickrd)

    hey! thanks for the comment and yes! i would love to collab. discord, instagram? let me know. hehe excited. this is incredible btw gave me chills. This part especially was insane!
    'slipping into a deep sleep, deeper than any he'd ever felt, to the point of transcendence beyond his cold tortured semi-existence, his off-set heart pumping nothing but memories.'

    7 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    oh heyyy! I know you haha from the discord right?!

    8 months ago
  • Yellow Sweater

    Re: Thank you so much for your comment! And I have read sapiens, it has had probably the biggest influence on my world view of any book I've read. I have used the idea of "imagined realities" in so many of my arguments:)

    8 months ago
  • Nikki (not as active but i shall be back soon)

    MY HOLY GOD! i am bloody speechless right now. this is too good, it is just too good! the whole story that you've portrayed is so realistic yet its still so vague.
    also, i really love the whole supernatural feeling of the piece. (am i saying that right?)
    looks like i did have quite a bit to say ;) anyways, lovely piece. also its nice to meet you!

    8 months ago