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Recipe for a perfect day (quick and simple)

By: Dark chocolate

PROMPT: March Grab Bag

Trying to build a perfect day can sometimes be overwhelming and can get distracted by unplanned occasions. But worry no further, because dark chocolate’s quick and simple recipe for the perfect day is here to save the day.

Step number one - Just wake up! No hitting the snooze button, rise from that messy bed and shine for the day ahead.

Step number two - make your bed. Make that messy bed like the president is gonna sleep on the exact bed. While this does not make your day perfect right away, it is gonna pay off when your body automatically leads you to bed.

Step number three - romanticize your surroundings, pretend that you are in a Studio Ghibli movie and that everything around you is beautiful. Everything is art!

Step number four - try to smile as much as you can throughout the day. See that newspaper boy doing his daily work? Smile at him! See that old man that sits in the park everyday? Smile at him! (Note: make sure you smile on right occasions, or else you can look like a maniac)

Steo number five - when everything’s done for the day, go to your bed which you made for the president in the morning and sleep (realize that you are the president!). 

And this is the recipe for a perfect day.

Note: I hate to say this to you when you have read everything above but a perfect cannot exist. It will always get disturbed by something or someone. The least we can do is make our day better than before. And the most effective way to make your day better is to have a positive mindset. Good luck making your own perfect day.

Peer Review

The simpleness of it all which will help people actually implement it. If there were too many steps or ones which were hard and can't be added to any day, then it wouldn't be universally helpful, this was however!

Ummm, I'm not really sure as it was quite a nice, simple recap. I guess something like, try your best throughout the day but remember to take breaks when there's too much or something like that would be good to kind of have a middle part of the day covered. But that's not necessary at all and I really like it how it is!

Reviewer Comments

You split everything up in a very organized fashion and explained everything very concisely which was awesome! Although not specifically stating a component as "self-love" you hinted at it throughout your recipe and I think that was really cool cause it kind of shows that a lot of things we do, we should do for our own benefit (like the thought process of doing your bed so you don't feel tempted rather than cause your mom told you) Overall, really nice read, have a great day :)