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March 10, 2021



tw: eating disorder

murky blue bags under her eyes
carry the weight of  ten sleepless nights
the heavier these bags
the skinnier her thighs

like strands of twine
folds drag down her face
nine creases have settled
what a disgrace

eight ragged, red lines imprint her skin
her figure grows small; she is much too thin
she’s all jumpers and jackets
crops belong to the bin

every part of her pales
every part of her - frail
a ghostly white shade
seven less on the scale

tears of salt, she just cannot cope
six meals now, skipped like a rope
crying at cramps
she is draining of hope

take five steps, she’s dizzy
can’t eat now, she’s busy
her iron’s not low
it’s not that she’s picky

four pushups and sit-ups, it’s all she can take
she’s got to keep going, no time for a break
the weight must be lost
can’t handle the hate

ribs too sharp
three times she’s barfed
pain tunnels through her
slowing her heart

twice she has fell, unable to stand
the hunger is strong, just follow the plan
don’t look in the mirror
at the veins in her hands

reach one and she’s gone
death arrived with its scythe
ten small signs
one big life
Hi! I know it’s been a while.. I wrote this poem for a writing competition (the theme was big & small). Please leave a peer review if you have the time :)


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    Your writing's amazing btw!

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