My name is Jules
I’m 13 years old and
I sometimes do writing, l love doing love story’s :)

Rain part 1

March 10, 2021


--Your POV- 

Your running out of your ex boyfriends house with tears running down your face. You’re ex comes out “wait Emma l can explain”you kept running not looking back it started to rain but you didn’t care. You ran across the street and almost get hit by a car, you hear the breaks screech as the car stops near your feet. A boy comes out of the car “what the hell” he said in a deep familiar voice “I’m sorry” you start to cry. He noticed you were crying “I’m sorry mam l didn’t mean to yell at you” he came closer to you. You look at him “Ben” you said a little surprised “Emma?” He said. “Yeah” you and Ben were friends when you guys were young but he moved away 3 years ago, you gave him a hug and he hugged you back “lets get out of the rain” he gabs your hand and he opened the car door for you. It was nice to be in a warm car and it smelt like him. “What were you doing in the rain?” he said looking at you concerned. “He....he” you try to speak but it felt like you couldn’t say it. “Bee” he said in a calming tone. He calls you bee because you guys met on Halloween and you were dressed as a bee for Halloween. “Its okay bee you don’t have to tell me” he said “I’m going to take you to my house” “okay” you said quietly. “Hand me your phone lm going to call your mum and tell her your staying with me.” He called your mum, you took a nap in the car but when you woke up you had arrived. You guys entered into the house. You would normally be happy to see this place again but you felt numb this time. “You hungry?” You shook your head no. “Are you cold?” He asked looking at your wet hair and clothes, you shook your head yes. “Let’s get something warm and dry to put on you.” You guys walked upstairs and grabbed one of his long shirts and his mum sweater. “Thank you” you said quietly. You went to the bathroom, and take a couple minute shower. “I’ll sleep in the living room an you can have my room” he said grabbing some blankets “please stay” you said. “Okay” he says putting down his covers in his hand. You only asked him to stay since because you weren’t used to sleeping in the bedroom alone. All your life you shared a room with your sister an you and your now ex boyfriend did too. You guys both went under the covers at the Sam time leaving inches apart from each other. Eventually you guys both fall asleep.

-his POV-
In the middle of the night all you felt was her toss and turn and she eventually rolled over and she had head on your chest wrapping her arms around you. You wanted to move but she seemed too comfortable and you enjoyed her on you. You gently moved a strain of hair out of her face and looked at her ‘she looks so beautiful’ you thought in you head. You obviously had feelings for her her but never as much as you did now. You thought about today how you almost killed her you reimbursed how hard you had to step on the breaks. Getting pissed at her because you were already mad at someone else. Watching her as she broke trying to tell you what happened. You squeeze your hand into a fist you had a feeling it was probably her stupid boyfriend of hers.you released your fist and gently rubbed her back “i wont let anything else bad happen to you” you whispered before you fell asleep too.
Just a little short love story, l will be posting part 2 in a couple days :) 


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  • lucyyyy

    I need more!! This is such a sweet, romantic story :)

    about 2 months ago
  • Treblemaker

    Idk why but I needed to read this today. I've never really read a from 'your POV' so it was really cool <3

    about 2 months ago