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feelings fade
when you refuse to set fire
to the little things.

-perry poetry

forsaken wonderland

March 9, 2021


and i weep,
and i weep,
until thy tears trickle down the paved road leading to a forsaken wonderland
consuming and inhaling each tear of sadness
making a pond filled with trembling whispers that call out the name of tranquility;
the name of yours
to weep,
and to weep
for a wonderland awaits
to fall, and to awaken once again
had a rough day


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  • March 9, 2021 - 9:01pm (Now Viewing)

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  • Nyla

    awww- even though you had a rough day when you wrote this, you wrote it beautifully! I love your repetition of "to weep and to weep" and "wonderland" repeating it at both the beginning and ending really makes your poem run full circle! "to fall and awaken once again" was just awwwww, so perfect!
    RE: Awww thank you so much!! You’re so sweet!
    And yess- omg they’re so yummy! They’re actually not hard, just very time-consuming because of the yeast. One sec, let me give you the link to the recipe,
    There it is! Let me know if you end you making them!
    And yeah, school definitely starts off really simple. I see in your bio you’re 13 (btw, I could NOT write like this when I was 13- you're going to become such an amazing writer- although you also already are!)- don’t worry right now, where I’m from at least- the class starts off really simple but when you get older you start learning real chef things and make really yummy cool food! I’m 15 btw so that’s why I got to make something a bit more complex!
    Oooh nice! My go-to superpower is always time travelling!! Hahah, dinosaurs!! Loll- when I think of time-travelling I more just want to go to the 80s or something! But dinosaurs would be awesome- although I would never want to be chased by one! Good on your for being so adventurous though!
    And ooh honestly that’s a hard one because I really don’t listen to music that much (I knoww- I can’t call myself a teenager) I guess I would probably say I listen to mainstream stuff, like Shawn Mendes or Zendaya. But if I ever feel sad- I love listening to early 200s music and Bruno Mars hahah. What about you?

    6 months ago
  • Busssy.Beee

    Oh no! I hope you're doing fine, we're all here for support! Sending lots of love! <3

    7 months ago