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random procrastination wonderings
this was gonna be a we're so reliant on wifi thing but then i realised how priveleged i am so it changed a bit


March 9, 2021


the wifis down and our house is stupefied
shuts down
we have no heating; our smart metre flounders without connection
we have no doorbell; visitors are reduced to knocking, avoiding the helpless hulk of our ring bell
we have no TV; our netflix, disney plus, prime video, chrome cast are down
(of course we still have 'normal TV', BBC, ITV, but who counts that anymore)

the wifis down and our house is stupefied
and i wonder
when did we become so reliant on what something we can't see 
and then i realise
we are not that reliant
we survive 
we're not dying
i can still write this using data from my phone
we still have hot water, food, shelter, BBC dramas recorded and cups of hot tea

the wifis down and this is first world problems in the epitome 
and this is first world problems so shamefully
and this is first world problems 

the wifis down and i wrote a poem
the wifis down and im alive to contemplate existence

the wifis down and out house is not really stupified
i have not shut down


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  • encapsulated_emotions

    woah i love the shift in tone here!! we really are lucky to have wifi

    7 months ago