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Delicate (a slam poem?)

October 14, 2016


Delicate is a frail boy trapped in a barbie pink box of femininity.  
Tossed from judging looks and harsh tongues
A rag doll bouncing between the borders of being accepted and the truth. 
Dresses silk to the touch dig rose thorns into his skin, sewn in against his will.
Delicate breaks like brittle glass from closed doors and keels over as if even the wind rejects him. 
Pushed from locker to linoleum floors to unwanted bathroom stall encounters.
Delicate cries tears of aquamarine, 
    his school labels them fuchsia.
Delicate dreams of soccer games and mud,
    his school gives him handouts of lipstick and dress codes.
Protest lands him in dark alleys and rough hands invading
                too close
                            too close
                                        too close.
Delicate dares not tell a soul, instead swathes himself in bubble wrap and anchors;
Bubble wrap to protect his thin skinned heart and the anchors to sink into his own oblivion.
But even these safety nets are popped and reeled in.  
There is no escape from the traps, he's slowly unraveling like loosely bound paper,
He is a spider web untangling amidst the pressures he is just too delicate to face.
                                                       is a girl 
                                                                       who has given up.  

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