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Chapter five to my crash course story~ Oceans and Oceans | Read the footnotes first please!!!

March 9, 2021


Chapter Four
I yawned. Ugh, Tuesday, another day of crap. I sighed and got up. I searched through my clothes stacked in a messy pile both on the floor and in my basket. I picked a green camo shirt with a pair of black leggings. I finished my outfit with my favorite cowboy boots. I weave my blue, aggressive waves into two neat french braids and ate my breakfast. If I could catch Jesse in time, we would ride our bikes to the school together. I got to her house just as she was pulling her bike out of the cluttered garage. 
     "Hey, there." 
     "Hi, I was wondering if you wanted to ride to school together." She shrugged and threw her book-bag over her shoulder.
     "Sure, I guess." We got to school around eight o' five. "We still got about twenty minutes until homeroom; do you wanna study in the library or something?" I ask. 
     "I suppose, but don't think I'm going to do any studying ." 
     "It's not like I'm making you." She grins as we walk through the giant double doors. Mrs. Michelle nods at us as we pass, and I ask if the book White Sands Red Menace was in stock. 
     "Why, yes, it is. Would you like to check it out?" 
     "If that's okay," I reply as my cheeks start to burn. Jesse laughs as she disappears into the shelves.
     "Would you shush!" I cry as my skin returns to its coffee color. 
     "It's not my fault my face has a blushing disorder whenever I talk to people!" She smirks.
     "Seems like someone's shy." I sigh and tuck some rouge baby hairs behind my ear as Mrs. Michelle returns. I thank her and lead Jesse to my favorite section of the library. We sit, and I carefully place the book in my ELA binder. 
     "No, really; why do your cheeks do that?" Jesse asks. 
     "I'm not sure."
     "Well, it never happens when you're talking to me," Jesse says with a questioning edge to her voice. 
     "Maybe it's just when I'm afraid of somebody negatively judging my speech."
     "So, I don't make you nervous?" Jesse asks politely.
     "You're easy to talk to; I know you won't intentionally make fun of me." She nods as if considering what I said.
      "It's nice to be trusted." She answers quietly. We continue in silence for a good chunk of time before my head begins to swim. The swirling thoughts and pictures pierce my skull. Instead of words and people, a voice sizzles in my thoughts. End them; remember your mission. Thoughts scream, and my vision is scrolling through a kaleidoscope of colors. The world comes flooding back to me, and before I regain control of myself, I puke all over the floor.
"Vida!" Jesse is shaking me gently and pulling a trash can over to my side. 
"Vida! Talk to me!" I groan and wipe my mouth. Mrs. Michelle is next to me now; she's talking too fast for me to understand.
"I-I'm okay." I manage to blurt out while struggling to sit up. Jesse stares at me in shock.
"Why don't we get you to the front office?" Mrs. Michelle coaxes me gently.
"No!" I yell in desperation. "No, I'm okay, just give me a second." The two look at me dubiously but allow me to sip some water and rest. The bell rang several minutes ago, but Mrs. Michelle had already called my homeroom teacher to excuse me. After a little longer, I was standing and packing up my stuff.
"I'm sorry for the mess; I'll help you clean it up." I go to grab some paper towels from the bathroom across the hall, but both Jesse and Mrs. Michelle stop me.
"Nonsense, Vida, I will call a janitor to pick it up, and in the meantime, Jesse can escort you to your class." I nod my thanks, and we slowly walk out the door. Jesse is peaking looks at me every five seconds; it creeps me out.
"I don't know what is going on with me; this hasn't happened in years." My explanation seems weak, and Jesse still looks very unsettled. Before I can stop, tear stream down my face. I inwardly scream at myself to stop acting like a crybaby.
"Hey, it's okay; I'm here, and trust me, I don't think you're a freak or anything; I'm just worried about you." Jesse puts her arm around my waist and steers me to the nearest bathroom. There's a girl on her phone, but Jesse glares at her, and she ignores us. Jesse gets me a paper towel and sits me on the opposite side of the sink. The girl seems to get uncomfortable because she hops off the counter and leaves. Jesse clears her throat.
"I'm sorry if I make you nervous with the way I'm acting. My sister got sick not too long ago, and she'd have seizures similar to yours in a way. She died, and, um, it was just freaking me out."
"I'm sorry," I mumble softly. We sat on the counter together for a little longer until I decide to leave my bathroom haven. We shuffle to my class, where Jesse leaves me to brave the eyes of peering students. I slowly step through the door, and just like I suspected, all commotion stopped as I made my way to my corner desk. As soon as I sat down, everyone continued their lives as if I had not existed.
     Garret gives me a wave as I begin to get comfortable, and I return it with a shy nod. 
I somehow manage to get through my equations pretty quickly and spend the remainder of my time hiding in my hoodie. I'm glad to leave when the bell rings because I can get away from the awkward and traumatic morning. I sit with Jesse closest to the window in the back corner of the room. She comforts me as much as she can in a school setting, and I fidget way too much. When lunch finally comes, I sit with Jesse and some of our friends. The twins, Arthur and Ben Cowan, my neighbor Sandra King, Jesse's new friend from gym Garret Matthews, and Morgan Smith. She helps her mom work the ice cream shop. All the ninth grade eats at the end of their second period, so we are bunched in kind of like one big happy family on Thanksgiving. Well, maybe not happy, but-Jesse said my name gently, and I broke away from my thoughts. 
     "Ben has brought news to the table; he was wondering if he should ask Morgan out." I take a glance and notice her chair is empty.
     "Well, good for you, Ben, maybe you should take her to go see The Turning." He smiles and shakes his head, "Yeah, I thought about it because I know she wants to see it, but I'm way too chicken about horror movies." I laugh; Ben is brave enough to date Morgan Smith but can't suck it up and watch a horror movie. It also got me thinking if Ben was making a move on Morgan, should I ask Jesse to be with me? I think she's into girls. It'd be so embarrassing if I worked up the courage for that and Jesse straight all along. Also, even though she said I don't freak her out, who knows what she thinks of me. The sub called us, and we tossed our trash away. As I waited for the bell to ring, I groaned softly. Not because it was science sucks (which it does), but the remembrance that the guy who I'd broken off with was in there. Oh, this was going to be fun. 
So. Sosososososo. Okay I'm done being weird.
I majorly changed the plot, but I don't want to start all over and make anyone re-read the entire first four chapters. Therefore, to catch you up; Vida is randomly having these seizures where she blacks out, and pictures of a lab, being stabbed with a needle, and driving into deserted towns.
The odd part is she hasn't had these episodes since she was ten and she has no idea what they mean. In this chapter, her eposboe is a bit different. Okay, sorry that took so much explaining, have fun reading :)


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    Can you publish something, anything really usually your words help

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    Re: yeahh that. Its something ill cry about forever. Im glad you like the piece. Your series are amazing too and I would love to read more of them.

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