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Imagine a World...

March 8, 2021


Imagine a world where the clouds are pink, 
Where all water is safe to drink,
Imagine a world shrouded in mist,
Where lakes meet the sky and create a seamless line.

As I slowly turn to look all around,
I realize that I am sitting on the ground,
In a place where no one fears for their lives,
And no one cowers or lies.

The lush green hills meet tall jagged peaks,
The wind weaves through little cottages,
Making them creak.

Birds sing until the fireflies take charge, 
The stars seem to be speckled upon, 
A canvas to rival oceans, with the deep rich blue that has been painted on. 

I sit and watch as the sun rises,
It’s light coating the sky in colors so very rich,
The air smells clean, 
With a hint of flowers blooming anew,

The tiny little villages,
Made up of stone cottages,
Are filled with people smiling, 
And children flying,
As they laugh until they’re crying.

Bordering the villages lie big giant forests,
The wind singing through the trees, 
And sending butterflies soaring on it’s breeze.

Creatures and critters all get along,
Flora and fauna stands proud and tall,
The big open fields filled with seas of flowers,
Let the elements decide which them will tower.

This world is amazing,
Music dances through my body, 
The wind twirls my hair,
And I smile and breath in fresh clean air,

It feels like home, 
Like a big warm hug,
But then the warmth fades, 
And I slowly sit up.

I no longer see a perfect world, 
But a room full of desks and horrible girls, 
The teacher glares and the kids snicker, 
I hide the water that threatens to spill over.

Later that night as I lie in my bed, 
I listen to the horns flare outside,
And to the voices that fill my head, 
The air tastes stale as I roll to my side, 
And close my eyes.

Imagine a world where the clouds are pink...


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1 Comment
  • Nyla

    Wow! I loved this! It was such a beautiful story and I just absolutely love the way you go back to the daydream. My favorite line was "The wind weaves through little cottages/Making them creak." because I could imagine it so vividly. And I love when I realize you're talking about a daydream- there's just a sense of completion with that! RE: Awww thank you so much, that’s soo sweet :)) And aww, I only give compliments when they’re due :)

    6 months ago