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untitled (see footnotes)

March 11, 2021


your smile
it gives me butterflies
in all of the right places

your accent
brushes against me
like a warm blanket
the way you sound like home
even though
I've never been to England
or lived in the Philippines

your hair
makes my heart race
when you run your hands through it
the strands falling
in front of your glasses
which make me laugh
when they fall down your nose

your humor
it is precious
leading those butterflies
to dance in my stomach
and my heart to squeeze 

make me smile
when no one else can
heyy so this is lowkey embarrassing for me bc i wrote this abt a guy from tiktok who lives in the UK, sooo
also huge thank you to barelybear for the review; bc of her review, i was inspired to revisit this piece, and I'm rlly happy i did! go check her out! :) 


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  • ~rain~

    aww such a sweet piece :) i love it. the ending is so beautiful!!

    about 2 months ago
  • barelybear

    I couldn’t even pick out a favourite line because these are all so amazing! I still am in utter awe of the ending, and it’s so cool that you’ve expanded the accent stanza - you’ve managed to integrate the England/Philippines moment while having a super flow. I’m glad you found my review helpful, and I am also so happy you revisited the piece! This is gorgeous <3
    Have a great day!

    2 months ago
  • dee’s abditory

    Super cool piece, and lol everyone gets celebrity crushes
    Re: omg yess!! That would be so cool to read!! You can 100% make a cliff notes of my life lmao drop a comment when you finish it!!

    2 months ago