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"They tried to bury us. They did not know we were seeds." - Mexican Proverb

Message from Writer

"Words gather desire inside your head
Gathering emotions, gathering feeling, gathering
Meaning, gaining a purpose other than being
Becoming something other than words, other than
Thoughts ricocheting through my mind breaking through to the
Outside, darting to others, creating a spark in their hearts
My words just start in my
Head but never end there

-They Never End There ✨

Winter Never Came

March 8, 2021


Was there ever an odder winter than,
The one where snow refused to coat the ground,
Stale air subdued the bitter season's winds,
Silence replaced its normal whistling sound.

Light pierced the clouds suspended over head,
Em'rald leaves still clothed the twisted trees
Instead of wilting, flower petals bloomed
As they awaited visits from the bees.

The days remained as long as those in Spring,
the unforgiving weather fully masked,
When Mother Earth demanded winter come, 
Nature answered, "The time for snow has passed."
This is an attempt at Iambic Pentameter which, for some strange reason, I decided to write in the middle of the night a few months ago. 


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