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Serenity and Sanity

April 9, 2021


normality is soft.

the words from the page bounce from my lips and 
fall flat on the surface of my desk. 

it's grey,
like the mismatched rocks that line the 
Gloucester shore and are tattooed with 
the footprints of toddlers with brains 
that are made of spools of blooming 

normality is plain.

it's two dots, three inches apart 
and three inches down, there's an 
arc that curls up at the edges. 

if you're feeling rebellious, 
erase the two dots, and replace them
with exes. 

watch it spin, and let the aimless 
screams of angry half-blossomed 
adolescents fill the dimmed porcelain 
cabin, the one at the back of your head. 

normality is obsolete. 

so take your unadorned, opaque pelt
and watch it disintegrate to the pulsing 
amplified beat of your teen spirit. 



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  • McK13

    This is so gorgeous!! Your writing is truly stunning and I’m in awe of your amazing description! Wonderful job, kudos to you :)

    30 days ago
  • Paisley Blue

    like rj elsewhere said, this is absolutely stunning. really well-crafted piece, yet again! all of them are absolutely wonderful <3 <3 <3 wow!!!

    30 days ago
  • person random

    I love the emotions of the piece! Your words show them so clearly

    30 days ago
  • Alishay Meer

    This kind of writing is a rare work of art and can be acheived by only those who are gifted . Believe me, the poem is applaudable . I love it

    30 days ago
  • R.j.Elsewhere

    Oh God, your writing is gorgeous. And your control over your work is extremely applaudable! Not a lot of people can exercise such creativity without over doing or over using the theme of the piece. Yet you completely dominate the field! How you reshaped normality to be something to fear or, a notion which should be treated as a threat to humanity and human nature instead of romanticising the concept like society tends to do is outstanding. Beyond fantastic! It was a treat to read this. Also, thank you for your sweet comment, honestly, I would be honoured to have someone of your caliber review my work.

    about 2 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    Whoa. Every word was just... powerful

    about 2 months ago
  • Lata.B

    I love this. Every line is so beautiful.

    about 2 months ago