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christian <3
future author
my fave tom holland quotes:
"the harder you try, the better the impression you set on the people around you."
"don't call her hot, call her beautiful. she's a girl, not a cup of tea."

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privet (that's hello in Russian, where my family's from)! i'm rainey, but please just call me rain :)
thanks so much for 150!!!!!!!! y'all are the best!!!!!!! on the way to 200!!!!!
if you want a review, please ask and i'll try to get to it asap!!
check out:
my wtw twin, Delphiruns2theocean
my funny bestie, beth r
my marvel enthusiast bestie, serien
my goals on wtw: reach 200 followers by august, write a FULL novel/series (sorry for the last like 10), be your friendly neighbor <3
currently obsessed with:
~tom holland (HE. IS. MINE.)
~harry potter
~the hunger games
~carpool karaoke (with james corden)
~dr pepper
have a wonderful dayyyyy!!!!


March 8, 2021


somehow my name keeps changing
from snowy to hailey
from tired to sleepy
from angel to devil
from dark to bright
from sane to insane
from smart to stupid
from boring to laughing
from one name to another
but i'll always be the one and only
so yeah, i changed my name... again. sorry if i cause any confusion with that!!


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  • March 8, 2021 - 2:56pm (Now Viewing)

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  • dee’s abditory

    rainey is such a beautiful name, and rainey grace? amazing. beautiful. 13/10.
    mine is delaney, we share the bond of rhyming names. my nickname rhymes better with rainey, its laney :)

    2 months ago