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A queer mess who only speaks in gibberish.

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more often than not I will not make any sense
i dont know read my poetry i guess
but beware that everything that I write
is so infected with love


March 8, 2021


I want to have someone 
Who makes me feel
The way music does.

I want to look at them,
And hear the beat swell in my ears,
Along with the rhythm of my mind.
I want to feel 
The melody soften sweetly,
Every time we talk.
I want to feel surrounded
By so much love,
Drowning out every bad thing.
Just like the music 
They would remind me of.

I want to have someone
Who makes me feel 
The way music does.
I don’t care who it is,
I don’t care what kind of love.

I just hope the thought of me,
Sounds as sweet.


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1 Comment
  • Ava Marie

    This is so beautiful

    2 months ago