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My name is Icarus
And the garden of my mind
Is the place
Set to be
My demise.

I never meant to touch the sun.

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"Saving people, hunting things. The family business"
I'm only here for the sake of spite
I love anime, cats, and coffee.
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Storm Walker

March 8, 2021


Ink ran down her face in a sorrowful simulation of tears, her gentle hands reaching out to cup the drizzling rain.
A simple white gown of flimsy silk billowed around her, waves of light rippling along the surface. The woman tilted her head to the breeze, wishing for a way to touch the clouds again, scorched, torn wings spilling from her spine in a gorgeously twisted way. 
    She stood poised, perfect on the rocks, constantly battered and thrashed by the wild sea, froth and foam roaring to life and fading away with every passing second. 
    Her porcelain skin soft and round, almost a pearly white, shimmering and dancing with specks of light. 
Long, black hair draped soaking over her shoulders, and piercing green eyes stayed fixated on a distant point. The storm whipped around her, cascading and crashing to a symphony heard only by the gods. 
    Who is she?
She is nobody and everybody, yet naught but a painting, hanging still on the wall of my house.  


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  • ChimChim_1

    Re: OoOo My day is going well UwU (P.s I made a new friend to who also likes Kpop:3:3)

    6 months ago
  • ChimChim_1

    I love this, when you described her I was really picturing her in my head UwU...Good job!!!

    6 months ago
  • SamRose

    Re: Oh, thank you so much! That means a lot! :)

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    Wow! The way you wrote that was so beautiful! And I love, " Her porcelain skin soft and round, almost a pearly white, shimmering and dancing with specks of light. " because it rhymes! That was amazing- I loved it and the ending especially because it grounded it to reality! Great job! :)

    7 months ago