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March 11, 2021

PROMPT: Year by Year

Year 1: The year I came into the world, blessing humanity with joyous words and happy smiles. Just kidding. I was such a crybaby...

Year 2: Terrible twos? Not with this kid! I was an energetic lil' kid, bouncing off the walls pretty much, and absolutely exhausting my fam with want for cuddles.

Year 3: La troisieme year of mine life. Full of sunshine and rainbows, (and plenty of crying over spilled milk) and the contentedness that a fully mature three year old has.

Year 4: Holidays at our favourite beach house were more eventful than I had expected; while we were sleeping an earthquake and a tsunami hit the beach. It's actually nowhere near as crazy as it sounds; the earthquake was so small, we didn't feel it, and the tsunami was about 10 inches tall. lol.

Year 5: My knowledge of the world expanded as I took to the pages. The Wiggles, Dr Seuss, and other classical literatures filled my mind. We also went to an amazing place in Queensland called Questacon (so fun), it's full of slides, games, dress-ups and all sorts of mad fun. My favourite was definitely the kids area, where you could play vet, make pizza, play with water and do all sorts of things.

Year 6: My year of fame. My aunt is a producer on Better Homes and Gardens, and my siblings and I were the stars of the show. Easter egg hunting, and eating fruit, vegetables and sandwiches took a lot of time to shoot compared to  the 1.6 seconds of our faces flashed on our old box TV. I was still pretty conceited about that for a while...But I also got to have an ice-skating party which was awesome. (and a polly pocket swimming pool cake? Come on)

Year 7: Back at our beach house, we watched Star Wars for the first time. An old family story was when we were all drinking some fizzy drink (yes we call it fizzy drink; I think it was Sprite) on some lounges (the really cool ones where the bottom pops up so you can rest your feet on them), and I think we were watching 6, the scene where Leia is in the forest after she's just met the Ewok. And you know the part where the stormtrooper pops up from behind the tree? Well, let's just say my brother wasn't expecting that, and flung his whole glass of Sprite over my poor sister. Ok, ok, he was only 10.

Year 8: So when I was 7, we moved to the US of A for a whole 8 months, for a House of Prayer course. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there (there was this AMAZING restaurant called Cinzetti's that we all absolutely adored. If any of you lucky beans live in Kansas, you MUST go there; it's a really cheap all you can eat that has QUALITY food!), but I was still sad to come home. It was pretty awesome having a white Christmas for the first time (the closest we had gotten to that before was when my sister dropped a packet of flour on our floor at Christmas), but it was lovely to see our friends again.

Year 9: We were in America for a month or two (we go to America pretty often for a conference), when we got the sad news that my grandfather passed away. We came straight back home for the funeral, even though we were half way across the world. My grandfather was such an amazing person, and I'm so glad he's now home with his heavenly Father. I love you Grandpa <3

Year 10: Double digits finally! I was excited to turn 10, especially as the next time the amount of numbers would change would be when I turn 100...IM SO OLD! I can't remember much about 2016 tbh....mmmm it was LIFE. Actually I think I started doing drama, which I continued to 2020 (which is now replaced with NIDA). I got to perform Peter Pan (I was a Lost Boy, Nibs) which was SUCH a fun play.

Year 11: DISNEYWORLDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaa the magical place of memories, fun and magic. Our fam's fav was the Avatar Banshee ride (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IT WAS INSANE!), it was....nope I can't talk about it, I'm gonna cry if I do. But yeah, turkey legs, awesome rollercoasters, litres of fizzy drink (we got a refillable cup that you could just keep refilling with fizzy drink FOR FREE! My bro and I def got our money's worth...), and heaps of amazing rides was definitely a highlight in 2017.

Year 12: There is this cool competition about a late famous writer called Henry Lawson which I entered (for a short story), and won which was kewl. My family and I drove a couple hours to a small town called Grenfell (which is where Lawson lived), for the festival they put on which was super fun. But it was FREEZING and we were staying in a tent. But there were horses not far from the tent so that was great. I remember we got to eat meat pies and sausage rolls for breakfast the morning we left which I ADORED. 

Year 13: Ayyyyy I'm a teenager! I had an awesome party at Wet 'N' Wild (urgh I mean rAgInG wAtErS) which was so fun! I got to go on all the slides but one, which was nice. I met a few friends who are now some of my closest friends (Awesome Siennaaaaaaa) (yes Draco Malfoy/BOB44 you don't count, I've known you forever) who I legit just saw lol

Year 14: The current me :) Right now, I'm attending NIDA (The National Institute of Dramatic Art) every Sunday for the year which is probably the coolest thing I'm doing. Yeah it's hard to talk about the present me....um so yeah I just learned how to land a front flip at gym which is cooolll. (height is everything) And yeah c'est moi.

Year 15: Oooo the future! Who knows what's coming for me after July? I will still be going to NIDA, but I'm not too sure what else! Hopefully I'll have heaps of memories about (hopefully!) being a lifesaver and being in heapssss of movies ;)


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  • Nyla

    Omg, I used to love polly pocket!! "packet of flour on our floor at Christmas" LOLLLL, I on the other hand ONLY get white Christmases lol! The avatar ride was my family's favourite too!! And omg, you know how to do a front flip?? Cool kid!! Also, the way you wrote this so concisely made it soo much fun to read and I really enjoyed learning about you!!
    RE: Awww thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! and of course! :))

    6 months ago
  • Abrianna

    Aww this is so cute!:)
    Re: That's so neat! Are you near a beach?
    Oh yes! Two Of Us is amazing it is so sad.. I really like Just Hold On, its probably my favorite. I also like Lewis Capaldi his song Forever is incredible.
    Oh and from this piece I loved seeing you mention Dr. Seuss I still love those books, haha, especially Horton Hears a Who. :D
    What classics do you enjoy?

    6 months ago
  • halle_cj

    re: j'essaiera de la retrouver! (all good haha)

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Argh that rule can be annoying sometimes

    6 months ago
  • halle_cj

    re: ah, super! je trouve que c'est dommage qu'il n'y a pas plus de contenu franco içi (ou peut-être j'en ai juste pas trouver encore) i love making new friends so if you're up for it reach out! @halle_cj on ig

    6 months ago