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she/they | 6.2.2020
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i told the stars about you

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sorry for posting slightly late, i had a very busy day today! it is the third week of lent, and there are three weeks to go. time has flown! i hope my poems make you pause and think for a moment; or even simply give you a breath in the midst of your busy days. all of my love to you all :)

now, the simpler miracles

March 7, 2021



i. the cardinal's crest

a cardinal greeted my open window
    and his song held wonders i could hardly imagine;
in just three strong, clear notes
    he brought me to a forest of golden trees,
where the sun never sets and the day
    never grows cold;

is this heaven? i asked him, but
    he had no reply but for the trilling of his song.

yet somehow, that was a reply enough.

ii. to grieve for a stranger

the world keeps moving but it seems
    i'm left behind, mourning over
the sun setting and the clouds changing shape.

nothing is forever in this world, nothing will stay
    behind with me; in the land of dreams;

the wind holds the pampas grasses in a quiet dance
    always shifting, always moving on -- always
moving on.

iii. even then, beauty

oh how tragically beautiful is
the fire burning out, and
leaving the world dark;

the stars fading
from the sky.
yet even then there is the promise
of dawn;

hope draws breath even
as we mourn.

oh, how beautifully tragic is death.

iv. middle ground

dark shadows blur around the edges
    before surrendering to the light
and just like that, the sun shows me what it means
    to fall, again, into the grey area.

v. serenity

spring lends itself to the trees;
    they begin to bud their leaves,
hopeful even now of the green summer.
the air is full of bright melting voices,
    condensing and becoming puddles on the pavement.
    in the middle of it all,
i wait patiently to bloom.

third week of lent
part i - 3.2.21
part ii - 3. 3.21 in mourning
part iii - 3.3.21
part iv - 3.5.21
part v - 3.5.21


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  • crystalline•galaxies

    yessss i got to read one of your pieces that i haven’t yet. i don’t know what to say, because it’s a repeat of what i always say, but this is also gorgeous. is this series of pieces being posted for lent? that was what i understood by the footnotes, but i also don’t know if i was reading it correctly.

    about 2 months ago
  • Caleb Urlacher

    lol nice. there's a bunch of snow here today so i guess i've just been inside minus going to work (and digging a car out of the snow) xd. so yeah i'm doing good.. just not much time to work on writing. i might try a little tonight though

    about 2 months ago
  • Caleb Urlacher

    hey! how are you? this is a brilliant piece

    about 2 months ago
  • rwong

    re: ahahaha yep i feel those days. have a typewriter ell?? what????? i am vvv jealous bc typewriters are so cool and i feel like they'd make you feel super old and proper or smth, im not really sure but the whole experience just seems sooo cool!!!
    i'm doing pretty well; i've got some hw and practicing to do cause i definitely didnt spend majority of yesterday watching youtube oops lol but other than that nothing else, really. it feels really lazy so far and its pretty cloudy here (supposed to rain but it didnt...?? idk anymore lol) OH and daylight savings was last night so now all our clocks are wrong and i still think its only 2
    anyway yea thats about it :) have a lovely week!! sending love <3 <3

    about 2 months ago
  • rwong

    also also just wanted to let you know that issue vii of ice lolly review is out and im published in it!! its my first time getting published so im pretty excited but i would definitely say without a doubt that its reading your work and seeing your publications are super inspiring and your writing is amazing. so yea ehehe thank you and i hope you have a lovely day/week!! <3 <3

    about 2 months ago
  • rwong

    re: omygoodness hi ell!!!!!! how are you & how was your week?? i've missed you <3 hope you're doing well

    about 2 months ago
  • rwong

    asdfj;lkasjdf im mad that i missed this for an entire week but i'm really excited to see you tomorrow!!!! (ok "see" you but yea) but i really really really love this, ell. i can see a lot of nature references and just nature in general popping into your work -- do you spend a lot of time outdoors? just curious :) but in regard to your message board, the simplicity but not really (i dont know how to describe it ell asjdklf;jas;dlkf) and just your imagery is absolutely breathtaking <3 <3 <3

    about 2 months ago
  • ArtisticCatbird2020

    Succinct and incredibly poetic -- I love it! I also really like your references to nature.

    about 2 months ago
  • nolongeractive

    This piece is so meaningful and powerful, I just love all of the metaphors in it! You have so much talent.

    about 2 months ago
  • GertyGerty

    re: Thank you!! Your comment really means a lot :) I didn't originally plan for it to be a song, but often if I come up with a piece of music that reminds me of something I've already written, I'll go back to it and use it as lyrics. So I guess we'll just see what the universe has in store...

    Love this piece btw! Beautiful descriptions, and I love the layout. I really like how it began with just a simple moment and expanded into a full narrative in such few lines. The imagery of seasons and nature really evoked a sense of passing time too, almost like we are watching the character grow up? Great work!!

    about 2 months ago
  • Karma’s_Coming

    Heyooo, a new part is published in the Reagan and Caspian series. Hope you enjoy :)

    about 2 months ago
  • beth r.

    "spring lends itself to the trees;
    they begin to bud their leaves"
    again, I love the subtle rhymes here- gorgeous work!
    re: I love Minnesotan accents and Irish ones lol

    about 2 months ago
  • lochnessie

    hi :)
    and wow okay your writing just keeps getting better how is that possible? it's pretty cool!

    about 2 months ago
  • mirkat


    re: hehe i've dubbed you blue from now on... think it fits ur personality. like usually i call you paisley but to me u r more of a blue. alright well replying! oh wow i was so happy and surprised to see you like the penderwicks!!!! yes, one of the best childhood favorites ever! none of my friends have read it but adore that series! i own the first two but have read them all! hhhhheeeee yes they are the best! im totally mix between sky and jane and like batty is so sweet and jeffrey is great and oh boy crazy rosalind and ben is so cute and i love everything bout those books. what is your fav book? well the first probabaly for me but the 2nd is great too and well actually all of the books remind me of sweet summer days spent by the sea with the waves lapping on the shore and a picnic..... sunshine and lemonade and salty air. weird. wow what a tangent. but!!! so cool we have that in common. anyway, yeah i was wondering who the stranger was... i love how you made it abstract like that, like you didnt really know the guy but are still sad you know and makes you think how fleeting we are. hmm. well i hope your dad is taking it as well as he can and that you and your sister are able to support him. oh wow, the kissing wall! that seems like something out of a book! ha! i love it. did you get to make your mark or did covid ruin that, too? and i loved ur idea that theater kids go thru that too but you guys are so impassioned and dramatic that you push past that! thats defiantly something you would say, my blue. oooh yes just got back from school at my gosh the timing is all weird because each grade arrives and leaves at a diffferent time and 8th grade got the worst schedule..... blah. but then again 6th grade has to arrive at 8 and leave at 2:20 so thats real early. we arrive at 10 and leave at 4:20 so lateeeee to leave!!!!! 7th leaves at like 3:20. yeah. i am exhasteddddddd!!!!! so many people, so much time with them, so much talking, no down time, lots of work!!!! it's get better, just overwhelmed. i loveed hearing bout your whinning sister! ha! yeah we go down to monteray and santa cruz and bodega bay like maybe once a month on day trips and go to some beaches and hikes and stuff like that. ah nature! um i should wrap up this comment because gosh i just want to lay down on my bed and just chill and maybe ill pick up the first penderwicks and read it again! you know it would make a great movie if its done right and not all cheesy and stuff.... hmmm. welllp dont even think about reading this, blue, till sunday!!!! i know you will tho ;)) sooooo look forward to hearing from you later! by for now, my paisley blue.
    <3<3<3 mir

    2 months ago
  • pyrrhic

    so beautiful. last week wasn't the best week, i know, but at least you got plenty of beautiful poems out of it to share with us all. i love you <33

    2 months ago
  • xx carolina xx

    re: well damn, now i really wish that's how the story ended! that was amazing!

    2 months ago
  • mirkat

    re: yes!!! vaccines! so hopeful now! jeez a year... crazy how much has changed. havent been inside another persons house and only been to the grocery store maybe twice and there's so much we've missed out on.... school trips and sleepovers with friends and just well regular life... actually my summer camp i go to (sleepaway camp called towanga) is planning to have two 3.5 week sessions which would be AWEsome!!!! like we would be tested twice a weeek and quarentine before and all and i think they can pull it off... well see though.... but it would be spectaculATRRRR to be back in anture and be with camp friends and i think we'd have to just stay with our cabin as a pod but but but gosh! yes so im happy now which is amazing and i love writing to you, imagining you opening my comment and writing back and living your life ovver there and me here but we connect if only for a few minutes right here and its just beautiful. alright well! smiling from ear to ear and will totally loo up at the moon tonight if it isnt cloudy and think of you.

    2 months ago
  • mirkat

    re: i love hearing your thoughts on my pieces so thank you for that in depth analysis! i think that we, as humans, almost always want what we dont have and to but it bluntly it seems to me sometimes that your talent is beyond anything i could ever write (which is not true, i cant compare your writing with mine because they are entirely different things and usually invoke different emotions) so hearing how much you liked my piece is nice sometimes. ahhh ok right after this comment ill check out that song! ha, i wonder how many comments you left... ;) hahaha two number 3s wellp i was in a rush to repssond to you. AAHHHHHHHH so proud of YOU!!!!!! that's amazing and i'm smiling so much my cheeks literally hurt gosh i have such a wide smile XDD. jason the silent lol. but you have a name (even if KRATNOFFFF is quite unfortunate) and your theater sounds so nice, seems professional or something. we dont have a theater at my school, just the gym and then the drama room which is like triple classroom size and all. but then again just in middle school. next year..... i dont know where im going yet. the local high school is iffy and all and i dont know my friends aare all going different places and like everyone at my school is going to this one private school and so im a bit stressed bout that but its all good ill be fine and everything wherever i go. thats also amazing your able to do a production in person. theater kid! ha, well i used to be all happy go lucky and not nervous bout anything really and then i had to give a presentation in drama and oh gosh i freaked out my voice went all like warbly like i was going to cry and i could not stand still and wow i blew it so hard so maybe you can give me a few tips... well today was good. i made carrot muffins, i finished hw finally, i amde lunch for tomorrow because i go back full time to school which is so crazy and im just like so grateful but also stressed out bout how lunch'll work. um have writer's block so nothing new..... blah. but yeah! good. reading anne of green gables again because it makes me so happy. chilling in my room. ahhhh yes cable car! never been on one surprisingly even tho i live like kinda near a giant city where they have cable cars everywhere. wait hold on i fear this comment is too long let me start another!

    2 months ago
  • mirkat

    i... wow, my favorite collection of your lent poems yet... i did take a breath, i melted into the little details, the imagery. i was transported. just... peace again. i love the names of the parts too they add so much. reminds me of the song malleable beings by the paper kites. we exist and tragic events happen day after day and we are still here, we are the ones left behind. taking a deep breath is all we can do. i love your simple miracles so much! it's so hard to choose a favorite part because they seem to blend into one another, one part isn't more important than another. but middle ground, serenity, and to grieve for a stranger are my top 3. i- i exist outside of myself when i read those parts... wow so poetic but really that's how it feels. okay well i'm going to reply in a new comment because i dont want to make this too long or wtw will delete part of it or something. and hey, it's still sunday! read away!

    2 months ago