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Hello lovely pumpkins! Welcome to my writing. I love abstract ideas and concepts, poems, and short stories. I used to have a profile, but I took it down, worried that people wouldn't like it. But, I'm back everyone! Nice to see you all.

Chocolate Drops (Old Piece)

March 6, 2021


As the last drop of chocolate hits the earth,

Bittersweet tragedies come our way.

As the sun comes out to dry the land,

The pond dries up and the fish suffocate. 

As the trees get chopped and "Timber" is yelled,

Birds go homeless and starve all day.

As the knife cuts deep into your skin,

Stitches can't pull you back together.

As you put on all the makeup in the world,

Your pain is still showing through your blush.

As I wear the fanciest dress,

I still find myself depressed.

As I try and look to the future,

Nothing can be shown.

As life moves forward and goes on,

The days never end, it's never gone.

As a new day arrives and the sun comes up,

Chocolate drops still, will never be enough.


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  • Mel's_Corner<3

    Re: Thank you so much Nyla! I love your work too <3

    7 months ago
  • Nyla

    Oh wow! I love that! It was such a cool way of writing it and I love how the beginning and end come tie together! It touches on so many different issues and yet, it doesn't feel rushed. Great job!! :)

    7 months ago