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I watch a lot of influencers on YouTube so when I write some of my series or inspirational things I feel like I’m an influencer making a video!

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Today's Word Chapter 1- Prayer [Child of God]

March 19, 2021


Hi and welcome to the first day of my new series, today's word. Can I get an amen? Today's lesson is going to be about prayer. I am going to be completely honest with you, my faith has kind of died and I wish that it would strengthen. I know God is there, he grants me with so may things.

And whenever I'm about to "doubt" him, he gives me a sign or shows me a way. (I don't doubt him, it's just I started not reading the bible everyday or praying. So what's a better word? I've never doubted Him though.) Like yesterday, I just found out that I got a full scholarship for a private school, it's the top 10 in my state. I was filled with tears and joy. Then I found out that there is an unoffical Christian group {Child of God} and I just prayed about that last night.

But what I want to admit is that when I pray, it feels like it's not from the bottom of my heart and like I'm just saying things to please God. Today was the first day in six months that my prayer felt almost real. I was thanking God and praying in the cafe. Whenever I pray at a breakfast place or restaurant, I always just say random things and don't care and the whole time just think about food and worry that the tables next to me will here. But today, it was almost like they weren't there. It felt like it was just my dad, I, and my Father in Heaven. It was so special. So to new comers, non believers, or anyone really. What is prayer?

Prayer- A solmon request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship

In my opinion what we need to is just pray. We need to just keep thanking or asking God for something. Because I believe eventually, praying will come easy. I believe that eventually it will truly be from the bottom of your heart. See prayer can be tough, only if you make it that way. Prayer can be easier and more powerful if you change your mindset and truly believe.

Thessalonians chapter 5:17- "Pray without ceasing" 

This means that we should prayer without being afraid of what people will say, without being afraid of what to say, and prayer with our heart. Again, this takes practice and time, but it will come. I recommend trying to start by praying before a meal each day then gradually grow it. Eventually try to read the bible everyday and just take baby steps. It's just like with everything else in life. It takes time before you get something. 

To start off praying, we need to call by his name and address the God that you serve. then we just need to speak what's on our heart. If you are struggling, talk to God about that struggle. It will same like your just talking to yourself, but God hears you. For the Christians reading this I know that your faith is not perfect either. So I want to challenge you to pray everyday. Thank you for reading this!

If you know how to talk you know how to pray- Christian Girls P.O.P
I'm going to admit. I watch influencers on Youtube. Most are workout influencers, but they also have many things about your body, health productivity, even some Christian things. Those channels are Annie Long and Lisa Sun. If you like ASMR please watch Daily Bread ASMR. I am recommending also listening to any Christian podcast. Choose one that you think is right for you. I just today, at this very moment started this. I am now listening to Christian Girls P.O.P, you can check it out or pick one that you feel drawn to and stick to it.

Anyway I put all these influencers in here because whenever I write my inspirational things, I really feel like I'm an influencer, but really most of the I take my advice and word from them. So please check them out! At least one because they have very true nd meaningful things that could literally change your life and mindset!

Please, my goal is for everyone to great a journal of what they learned each day. So today March 6th I would write what I took from Today's Word. # it as Today's Word and later this month post it and it will kind of be a journal that I've learned. Thank you so much for just reading this!


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  • FaithL4Christ[ChildOfGod]

    Amen! This is so encouraging and uplifting! Great words!! :)

    3 months ago
  • anonymous_123 [Child of God]

    I just want to say.. In the past 6 months I have never sang and felt God. Tonight at my youth group there was a boy next to me and he left as I was singing with the crowd, but I didn't realize it. The whole time I was there singing with my eyes closed, I felt something or someone next to me. Then opened my eyes, and there was no one at all. I started breaking into tears and lifting my hands and voice up. God heard this message today and what was on my heart. I can truly say that my relationship with Him is headed in the right direction!

    4 months ago
  • Emi

    Wow, this really hit me hard today. Prayer is something I've always struggled with doing and kind of dragged my feet about. Thank you for giving this message! Also, it's great that you sing with your youth group!

    4 months ago
  • Abigail Faith

    Amen!!!! :)
    I love this so much!!! So, so encouraging!!! :D

    4 months ago
  • serein

    Thank you!! this was actually really encouraging, because I find that I struggle with the same things! I feel like I'm only praying because I'm supposed to. I need to work on that :)
    O gosh and congratulations on getting that scholarship!!! That must be so exciting so proud of you!!!

    4 months ago