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Hello lovely pumpkins! Welcome to my writing. I love abstract ideas and concepts, poems, and short stories. I used to have a profile, but I took it down, worried that people wouldn't like it. But, I'm back everyone! Nice to see you all.

Blue Fruits

March 6, 2021


You're feeding me blue fruits for dinner,
But the fruits are ready to perish.
You tie a napkin 'round the toddler's collar,
But the napkins fail to wipe.
You fill up the pitcher with good o' water,
But the taps are running dry.
You're filling up our cups with mango tea,
But the fruit-bags will never be ripe.
Sounds of music echo through the air,
​But the dying of soldiers are louder.
The guns keep coming, closer and closer,
And you can't keep it out any longer.
What will you do, when is our time?
And you don't know where to go.
No more eating blue fruits tonight,
Time to let reality show.


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1 Comment
  • Nyla

    Wow! I love this so much! I love the rhyming and how you do the first line normal and the next italicized and the story is so strong! Your use of blue fruits in the beginning and end are really cool and it's almost like you're showing something so simple to show that although things can seem ok at surface level, they're actually a lot more than that! Really great job :))

    7 months ago