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This was fun to write and brought back lots of great memories. I hope you guys like it too, though it might not be the easiest place to guess. Reviews are always welcome if you feel like it.

A Favourite Place of Mine

March 7, 2021

A descriptive piece about your favourite city/place without revealing the location! That's for your readers to guess! (by Saloni Soni)

A small town, a beach of rock, a beautiful view. 

With a land area of 8.435 km2, this bay has a population of 684, I know, it's small. It takes forty-five minutes to an hour and a half to walk through the town. The houses are more rustic looking and kinda scattered randomly, like no one wanted to take the time to properly line them up, I'm thankful for this because it helps with the feel of the town. Many a time I've walked/run through the town with my Nan, my sister, and my cousins, and every time there is this one big rock (that's probably on someone's property) that we always climb. The boulder is light grey and maybe six feet tall, with lots of slopes, slants, and groves to help you climb up. 
The beaches are probably my favourite part of this place. Instead of sand, they are made up of giant flat rocks. There's a trail that goes along the atlantic coast, however, my cousins and I never stick to the trail. Instead, we clamber over the expanse of rock. I recall this one time when my cousin Ella and I were up on this really tall rock. We stood facing the ocean, the wind in our faces, and we just screamed into it. We screamed into the wind as loud as we could. But the sea air was so strong that we could barely here each other, even though we couldn't have been more than a meter apart. Throwing your arms open and screaming as loud as you can knowing no one can here you has a certain effect on your body and mind. It makes you feel freer than you've ever felt before, free and happy. I think that's why I love this place so much, because it makes me feel so happy.
The view is breath taking. You can stand anywhere and feel inspired and alive, just by looking out at the ocean. And when you walk through the town, you can usually spot little rocks with fun, colourful eyes and mouths on them. They are painted by a nice lady who lives there, who is friends with my Nan. The last time I was there she let my sister and I each pick out a handful. And if you've gone out on the water in a boat the ocean becomes even more beautiful. Looking out on the atlantic horizon, relaxing into the sways of the boat in the swells, I can't even begin to explain how it makes me feel.
This bay is one of my favourite places for two other reasons, one I have family there; family who I don't get to see very often because we live on opposite sides of Canada. Me on the west coast, and them on the east. Another reason is because Also, it really makes you put your thoughts into prospective. 
This was fun! I hope you guys like it and have fun trying to guess what this place is. 


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  • anemoia by a thread

    re: haha someday. someday there'll be a story.

    about 2 months ago
  • Ellington Stone

    It sounds totally gorgeous, even though I have no idea :)

    about 2 months ago
  • anemoia by a thread

    that sounds so beautiful

    about 2 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    prospect bay in novia scotia? Nice clues ;) This place sounds absolutely amazing. I want to visit so bad! Mainly, i just love the idea of screaming into the wind! that is such an aesthetic i cant even describe how much i wanna do it XD

    2 months ago