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for the record, i LIKE reading twilight... it's like a comfort blanket, you know?
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twilight and tiktok

March 5, 2021


the sleek black book
and addictive app

what do they have in common,
when there's so many things they lack?

both abuse the mindless part of your brain-
they beg you to scroll on the screen or flip the page

both are helpless in their own pathetic way
"'oh edward', she murmured"
why check your screen time when you can look away?

twilight and tiktok have both taken the world by storm
with hashtags
and vampire fangs

that impact you in your home
it once was a humble abode, i know

now preened with moon print walls
now sheened with blood stained gauze

don't let yourself nod to sleep or conform
throw away the screen, the book 
or your fate is forlorn 


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  • HeyThereRose

    Ahhh love this tons brooo

    7 months ago
  • Jason_claire :)

    I do not have tiktok, but I have read Twilight, it's kind of like a in-the-moment obsession. And no I'm like everyone else and love it because Edward is hot as crap. That's stupid. I love it because it's so outrageously insane it's likeable. This is botha hilarious and totally-making sense piece :)

    7 months ago
  • pyrrhic

    see, i don't like twilight... but i've read it twice and watched all the movies twice. tiktok is pretty dumb, but i watch it for like 3-5 hours a night.... w h y

    7 months ago