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Minor Flaw (The Hunter pt. 2)

March 7, 2021



    When your fire burns bright, praise Keahi. The goddess of fire will pity you, for her own fire is burning out. When your brother dies, bow down to Cassius. The god of death will mourn your loss, for he’s lost a love. 
    You have to be kidding, Oliver thought. He hoped to get rid of Valentine at the hall but Fate was a terrible worker. The raven wasn’t a fan of Valentine’s “energy” or how she presented herself. She wasn’t going to make it, he knew it the second she introduced herself. And yes, Oliver wasn’t a girl, a dude since day one.
    “H-hello Ethan, it’s great to meet you!” Ember stammered as she strolled toward the blonde. God she was hopeless, Oliver could see it, Ember knew it, and Ethan looked lost.
    “How do you know my name?” Ethan asked.
    “Mr. Ultra mentioned your name, remember?”
    Great, Oliver wasn’t stuck with one idiot but two of them. 
    The dorm didn’t feel big enough for the three of them. Thankfully no one had to share a room. Now, he had to maneuver his way out of the main room into his room without talking to anyone.
    The raven pushed himself off the couch then his plans crumbled into pieces.  
    “And who’s this?” Ethan gave Oliver an affectionate smile. 
    She was bored out of her mind. Ethan’s “and who’s this” was the most anyone spoke in the past two weeks. Classes didn’t start until Monday, and everyone was in their rooms, except Ember. 
    She preferred to practice her talents alone. Summoning magic was the easy part, controlling it was a whole nother story. The problem with fire magic was it didn’t want to be controlled. That kind of magic wanted to be free and spread throughout the user. The way the redhead thought of magic was like this: making a campfire. The fire would need to be set up to the best of her ability and tended to. If she had respect for the fire the fire would respect her. You could say Ember had a great relationship with her magic. 
    She puffed a cloud of smoke before her markings and eyes sparked to life. Flames engulfed her hands, sending a surge of warmth through her body. The red-head aimed her flames at the houseplant in the corner, it burst into flames. 
    “YES!” She started to dance around the room until she remembered that her hands and plant were on fire.
    Oliver ran out of his room after hearing Ember’s yelling affair.
    “Why are you- FIRE!” Oliver yelped.
    “I can see that!”
    “I hope so! Why don’t you put it out?!”
    “I’m getting there!” Ember waved her hands to extinguish them and ran to the sink to fill a cup. 
    Ember enjoyed their quick conversation even if it was caused by her fire.
    Now thinking about it, Ember wished Monday didn’t roll around so soon. Don’t get the wrong idea, she loved school. The competitive feel of The Academy was what drew her to the school. (Everyone called the school The Academy)
      The school was separated by four main parts: medical, magic, weapons, and some other class. She walked down the grand hall of the magic department into a classroom named History of Magic. Pushing the door open her mood had shattered into pieces. Dessen was sitting in the back of the class. No! You mustn’t let him ruin your mood! 
    History of Magic was an AP class taken by most seniors and a few freshmen. The class took place in a small lecture hall that didn’t have the feel of a lecture hall. Maps from all around the globe scratched the walls, mobiles and other trinkets dangled from the ceiling, and books layed open or closed on the floor. It made you feel like you were in a witch’s tower. To tie it all together the teacher, Professor Cosmo, had the witch hat and robes. 
    The redhead thought Professor Cosmo was fascinating. They seemed to switch their age everyday depending on their mood. A teenager when they were delighted, or a middle aged adult when frustrated. The reason for their appearance was “a mishap in a magic experiment.” 
    Ember settled in a seat far away from Dessen before Professor Cosmo joined the class. The sound of boots followed the professor into the classroom, Ms. Veksler. Cosmo removed their hat to reveal a head full of plumed colored hair with a white swirl in the front. (curlier then Ember’s hair) They took their spot behind their desk and Veksler took a seat in the corner.
    “Welcome! Welcome everyone to History of Magic! I’ll be your professor for the year! I teach three different forms of this class, this is the beginner class.” Slammed books on their desk, flipping through pages. “As may most of you know learning the history of magic is difficult and draining! If you don’t feel comfortable or think you can’t survive the class I suggest you leave now! This class isn’t mandatory!” Cosmo pointed to the door. 
    About 20 students left the room and ten stayed. Two of the students were freshmen (including Ember) and the rest were seniors. Ember hoped that Dessen would leave but he was still there.
    Cosmo smirked before they continued, “I'm pleased to see I have some brave souls this year! Let’s start the basics-Oh! I almost forgot!” Digging through their pocket they pulled out a list.
    “I originally made the list for 30 students,” the list floated behind them as they started to walk around the room. “We must modify my plans for ten students now, okay?”
    No one said a word, even Ms. Veksler seemed lost.
    “...Anywho~ Each student will be paired up with a partner! I know you all have your own teams but this partner is only for this class.” With the snap of their fingers their hat from before appeared in their hand, tiny folded pieces of paper laid inside. 
    “Come come! Don’t keep a young lady waiting for you! Five students come up and pick a slip!”
    One by one the students took a slip of paper and sat down. Ember prayed to any god that would listen to her. Please please please not Dessen. Luckily her prayer was answered; the paper read Alessica Michaels. 
    Thank the gods!
"Wonderful! We'll pair up in a minute but I have a question! Does anyone know anything about the gods?" Cosmo questioned.
I'm sorry this took so long to write. My brain wanted so much to happen in this part but I realised I needed to step back and wait. I'm hoping for something important to happen in part 3 or 4! ;)
Also, Professor Cosmo is non-binary. I allow my parents to look over my stories (expect For the Love of-) They didn't seem to understand that Cosmo was non-binary but they didn't force me to change it! (my dad was very confused) Point Kayla!


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