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This is the city I have constructed through countless daydreams, I hope you like visiting it as much as I do :)
You are the sort of people I would want to live in this city with me, so please LMK what you think
Have a wonderful day :D

The Desert City

March 4, 2021


Ashen swirls of dust breathe across the barren ground. The lifeless vacuum stakes out it's territory, mile after mile of harsh desert stretching out towards a burning sun. Yet within this sandy prison, there is a thriving city.
The beige fortress blurs into a mirage from outside, yet within each wall is painted in blinding vibrancy. Mural's stretch twelve-foot high, crawling up walls, sliding over roofs and balancing carefully before the precipice. As soon as a dwelling is built, neighbours rush over armed with paintbrushes and smiles to baptise the new-born. 
The buildings are flat-roofed, each topped with flourishing gardens sheltered from the continual heat by fabric that flutters as the desert respires. No mirrors exist within this city, no social media, money or fatally fabricated self-images. There is no need to prove you have friends when they surround you.
In the day the city sleeps, the delirious too much to bear unless you are beneath cool, crisp sheets. The inhabitants wake to an ebbing blush above. Markets pop up like mushrooms, homemade crafts being bartered with edible produce, stories or portraits. The artisans inhabit this city, street painters brushed like freckles over the oasis' slightly sandy complexion (alongside writers, musicians, travellers and dreamers).
Topics are not embarrassingly ignored in conversation, the more controversial the better. The inhabitants like to debate, throwing forward wild gesticulations alongside impassioned voices with glowing eyes and words that boil out of the soul like steam.
The people stargaze, necks bent back to admire the glowing pin pricks above. Communal dinners burst out onto balconies, organic produce flowing around the table in glimmering fruits and dripping chocolate. Laughter joins the party, as we dance and sing and smile - returning to bed only as the sun lazily yawns over the horizon.


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  • Nyla

    This is literally AMAZING! “Baptise the new-born” and "continual heat by fabric that flutters as the desert respires" were just incredible wording! "There is no need to prove you have friends when they surround you." just hit! and "glowing pin pricks above"- again, amazing descriptions! Your imagery in this was just sooooo amazing and really poignant! You are absolutely amazing at setting a scene!

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    RE: Awww, thank you so much!! I really loved that part as well! Reading it after, I was like, wait, how did I think of this? Loll I sound so self-absorbed but lately, I was thinking, the reason writers can be so in love with their own writing is because they write it for themselves! You know? Like they hit all the niches and everything they want to read and that’s why they have to have multiple editors- to make it more appealing to everyone! And thank you so so much! Your comments are so sweet :)))
    HAHAH, loll! Honestly, that’s why I always make sure I’m wearing decent clothes when I go out XD
    Oooh I actually never read that! But all the books of hers I read were just ahhh- made me who I am! Omg that’s soooo awesome!! And haha aww- that series made me crave adventure and be constantly disappointed that nobody tried to kidnap me XD
    Hahah yeah it’s pretty fun! Although omg, there’s some apartments across the road from my grandparents house and the windows are see-through so one time when I was looking out at the street, out of the corner of my eye I saw this little like 4/5 year old girl running around her apartment without a shirt on and her mother chasing after her to put it on XD and sometimes it’s hard to sleep with all the cars (although they don’t live downtown so it’s not too bad!) but you get the advantage of BEAUTIFUL scenery all the time!!
    And haha, loll, it really can be sometimes! And haha, most people might say no but I actually have, my family and I went whale watching one time and it was really cool! If it’s any consolation, the night before, when my parents told me, I was freaking out (this was like a few years ago lol) and thought the whales were going to come capsize us and we were going to die! Yes, I was a dramatic child loll
    And haha yeah! And hahah yeah true! And nooo- ahhh I haven’t! We really just go to the parks and touristy things, and ooh, one time, London Dungeons
    Haha they sooo are!! Oooh yummy! I made them one time but hahah, we didn’t have proper scone cutter things and so they didn’t bake properly in the time (they were still raw) and I started eating raw scones because my mum had momentarily gone somewhere and I didn’t realize! And lets just say I don’t think I can eat scones seeing them be made for a while XD and hahah yes! It looks soo nice! Ooh ummm, I know cinnamon buns were really popular with COVID. But culturally I guess pancakes (cause maple syrup haha) and poutine!
    Omg no! It didn’t sound offensive at all! In fact I was scared you thought I sounded elitist and that’s why I sounded a bit defensive! Loll at least our misunderstanding was being overly apologetic instead of overly mean! Haha a lot of my friends try to do British accents but lolll, most of them sound sooo bad. They’re like a mix of Australian, Irish, and British- a very bad mix at that. I sound so mean but it really always makes me laugh!
    And oooh awesome!!! And ooh nice! We learn French here from grade 4-9 (and then at that point we can decide to keep taking it or stop) and I decided to stop lol- it’s just a subject I actually have to try in to get a good mark and I didn’t want it to drag my average down! So there goes Paris out the window (crying emoji)
    Oooooh PERFECT- literally everything I would do as well (plus go to the Louvre and add a few pastries and croissants to the cappuccino haha)!!! I have not been!
    :( But hopefully next time (once COVID is done) my family goes to England, we can go more around Europe as well!
    Also omg sorry, this message was sooo long lol! Have fun reading it and have an amazing day <3

    6 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    rereading this piece cause it really stuck with me....please please let me live in this city! oh my word...rereading again it is absolutely gorgeous and picturesque. id throw away my whole bucket list if i could go there.

    7 months ago
  • almost flora kane

    re: haha that's great!!

    7 months ago
  • almost flora kane

    oh how i'd love to live here. this is such a gorgeous city. i wonder what the downsides or negative things there are. re: thanks so much, it kinda scared me when it came out of my head lol

    7 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    i love the phrase "sun lazily yawns" so gorgeous. and "sandy prison" speaks so much! I love this piece so much. your imagery is so vivid I can almost picture it.

    7 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: oh lmao my hair can never curl either!
    I would love to play brass, but I have a feeling it would be pretty loud when you practice ahaha. But a brass band can play the best things ahhh (I have this image of you jamming away to the final countdown lmao). Ahh I’ll find a picolo player in orchestra and then we will make a bass soprano pair ahh. (Though I’m not sure about the songwriting thing. I literally cannot sing — but I guess that fits well with the deliberate death by ear treatment of the public, in cinemas or otherwise hehe).

    Queen are talented, but I still wouldn’t recommend putting yourself through music gcse just for the Killer Queen set work. There are the really long classical Bach and Beethoven, the other vocal being a Baroque opera about snakes, a samba-jazz fusion, African-Celtic fusion (think accordion with a drum rhythm, and a repeated chorus about death). There is a good area of study which is music for stage and screen, where we have Defying Gravity (Yessss!) and the Star Wars theme ahah. I would say music is mostly stress and confusion, though at least I managed to get a performance out of the way last year, where I think it went alright :p

    I’m assuming you did art, which I would never do ahhhh. I always have so much respect for people that can draw. I remember year 8 we had to draw portraits of teachers, and my middle aged, pretty average female teacher ended up looking — I don’t even exaggerate, my friends all said it too — like Voldemort. Ach I much prefer things I can control XD.

    7 months ago
  • Dragonfly

    This is beautiful!! I would absolutely want to live there! I love your descriptions too: "The beige fortress blurs into a mirage from outside, yet within each wall is painted in blinding vibrancy."
    The idea of sleeping during the day and being awake during the night is great! (though it might get a little cold at night, since the city is in the desert, but if it isn't too continental, it's probably alright. I prefer a little cold anyway :))
    The atmosphere you describe is wonderful!
    Re: Yes!!! \(^°^)/ you're right! I visited the city twice and enjoyed it, though I'm not 100% sure it's my favorite city; there are so many beautiful places :) (also, it's not annoying at all! It was written for the readers to guess after all.)
    Yes, I love cinnamon in buns it's even better! (they sound wonderful! I suppose I have to visit Paris again :))
    Yes, thank you :D I'm just a little busy studying for school at the moment. I'm sorry I answer so late! I hope you're good too :)

    7 months ago
  • Alias 3

    I love this!

    7 months ago
  • barelybear

    Ahhh what to reply to first lmao.
    Aw your dog is called Sky! Ah man that must be so awkward skjsj (I’m sure you’d make an adorable dog though :D). Got the email :)
    The lesson was for double bass ahah I usually tell people it’s bass just because that makes me sound way cooler. It’s because last year I really wanted to do orchestra (HAHA that one really turned on me) and I asked the music teacher which instrument was easiest to learn — she was right, there’s barely anything to it. And in orchestra I just get the stripped back accompaniment, down an octave. I think that makes me part 4 agh. Maybe one time we’ll do a jazzy piece and then I’ll get some funky pizz parts.
    Ahhh embracing the bad singing by screaming along to a musical in the cinema seems like a fun time :D
    I think my favourite song is Killer Queen. Even though it has literally killed me studying it for gcse, I’ve really grown to love it ahah. It’s kinda crazy seeing their talent in a new perspective. The best bit of the film had to be the cliche choice of live aid though ahhhh. I loved the crowd’s hair lmaooo. Imagine being around with hair like that. (Assuming you don’t currently :P)
    Yes, when you leave it will be very sad, but it will be really great to stay in touch. Are you studying art at uni? You could meet the most dreamy painter guy and then you could paint each other and write poetry awshshh. I hope you find someone great, and not drunk :)
    Ellie <3

    7 months ago
  • Lizzie R

    Re: Thank you, Becca!! If I ever put out an album I'll email you right away!
    I can't wait, the desert fortress sounds utterly perfect!!
    Of course, have fun and enjoy being able to see them I bet they're so excited!!
    Awww thank you so much :)) Take care of yourself, Becca <33

    7 months ago
  • Abrianna

    Re: Yes! I love The Great Gatsby, the ending is so sad. One of my favorite parts is when Nick was going back to his house and called back to Gatsby that he was worth more than the whole bunch of other people they knew. Which he was and Nick was the only genuine person Gatsby knew.
    Roald Dahl's book is so amazing and I felt like a little kid again reading it. All the poems he made up were So creative!
    Oh and btw this city sounds beautiful, so peacefully charming.

    7 months ago
  • Zirong

    "No mirrors exist within this city, no social media, money or fatally fabricated self-images. There is no need to prove you have friends when they surround you."

    "The inhabitants like to debate, throwing forward wild gesticulations alongside impassioned voices with glowing eyes and words that boil out of the soul like steam."

    Wow. This is very much a utopia to me as well :D You are really really good at describing things -- the word choices, the use of literary devices...basically everything about this is so so stunning! I plan to write a peer review these few days, and hopefully it'll be helpful!

    re: Bus No 12 also inspires you? WOW is this a sister thing :D? *star eyes* I've been really sleep-deprived this week -- gonna make up for that on the weekend :D
    haha actually I always regret I didn't choose the arts stream. But for me science stream requires less effort(honestly I can't imagine taking academic English literature) so I can save time for things I like!
    I totally understand how you feel -- actually, I find myself depressed for no obvious reasons quite often as well(this may also be a writer's thing haha). There are definitely reasons for that, just in our subconscious so it's hard to perceive. I can vaguely feel myself constantly in a state of anxiety. When I don't feel so good I'll talk to my family, listen to music, or do some running exercise. Actually I believe painting can be a really effective stress-reliever!(catharsis :D) Maybe you can try that. Anyway, I hope you are doing well now <3
    School is just getting insane coz the March Common Test is looming :( I wish I can survive this month and party all night after that(just kidding, I'll party with myself when writing XD).
    YAY I do want to see the cherry blossoms and Giant cranes in Japan, but I'm still most interested in visiting some anime galleries(if there are any :D) I miss anime SO much now and I hope I can get through my A-lvls asap and then binge watch them XD
    As for job, I've also never had one. I think it's just a personal choice so no need to feel embarrassed :) (though I have to agree that it seems like a common teen activity in UK) Do you have any job you want to try in mind?(not in the "career" sense, just to gain experience I guess -- I've thought about working part-time in a coffee shop or bookstore, how about you? :))
    Do enjoy your life at school!!! Also, can't wait to read more amazing pieces from you!!!

    lots of love,
    Zirong <3

    7 months ago
  • Lizzie R

    Sorry for all caps but seriously I want to live here. It sounds so safe and perfect!!
    Re: Thank you!! You'll do fine! Human interaction is always nerve-wracking but don't worry, they're probably nervous about it too. Good luck and take care of yourself :)))

    7 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: ahhh you go girl rocking that dress! Man I can imagine you with such swagggg
    I think I just want to have a romance, no matter how badly it ends at this point ahah. But I know barely any guys ugh so it’s a problem.
    Ah no you’ve listed several career paths for my brother that would suit is pencil hair habit but, alas, he’s just a little perculiar. Agh my mum once called me by the dog’s name (always knew she was her favourite lmaooo)
    Ahhh I will live here, yes! It’s sounds amazing. You are a description Queen! (Just watched bohemian rhapsody and wow it was goooodd!!)
    Yes yes yes! I will definitely miss you when you go. My email is
    (My dad is welsh which is taff, and my mum is Cathy, so caff lmaoo) and 3 because I’m the middle child.
    I gtg do a music lesson, have a great day!
    Ellie :D

    7 months ago