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this is written for someone who I love very much. most of this happened in real life, but some of the details were edited to keep my and my person's privacy. I've been trying to write something that captures how much i love this person, and as hard as i try, i can't get anything better than this, so enjoy my heart on display :)

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March 4, 2021


I still remember our first drive. You were riding shotgun with no seatbelt. We had all the windows down and we had the aux playing Blink-182. I had introduced you to their song "All the Small Things" a month before, and you were instantly obsessed. 

I still remember our first drive-thru. We pulled into the closest McDonald's and you threw your hands up and laughed. We ordered 20 chicken nuggets and extra barbecue sauce and ate in the parking lot, laughing when I spilled the sauce on my legs, bare from the jean cutoffs I was wearing.

I still remember our first road trip playlist. You added LAUV and James TW and Neon Trees. I added Khalid and Travis Barker and King Princess. It was a mixtape of our modern loneliness and our big plans. We titled it: CONNOR & PEPPO'S PLAYLIST OF DRIVING PUNK CRAP.

I still remember the first time you pulled into my driveway in your new car. It was grey, the same color as my Jeep Compass. You rolled the windows down and tilted your head at me, smiling at my joggers and cardigan, my study clothes. "Ready for a ride?"

I still remember the first time I realized I loved you. You were wearing a see-through floral wrap with blue and white striped shorts. I was wearing an off-the-shoulder top and a white bralette with my cutoffs. I had my head in your lap and we were scrolling through your TikTok. Our friends were dancing in my backyard to Selena Gomez's new album. I sighed and you looked at me, your glasses on the top of your head. I had never felt so happy or so understood.


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  • kaysthemole

    Cute! Thank you for baring your heart for us to see <3

    2 months ago
  • Ellington Stone

    Aww, this is so good! You can feel the emotion as you read it.

    2 months ago
  • Yellow Sweater

    oh wow, this is so good. It flows perfectly. It's not overly florid, yet it's still incredibly poignant.

    2 months ago