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Tuition-Free College: Making Education Accessible To All

March 15, 2021

    Almost 70% of students in the U.S. graduate college with student debt. Students all over the country finish four exhausting years of hard work and are dumped out into the working world with an average of almost $30,000 each, in debt. Getting a quality education is what sets you up for success and opens your life to new options and opportunities, but at the same time, it is one of the biggest expenses in a person's life. The United States needs to eliminate college tuition so that Americans will no longer be plagued with this crippling debt and so that every American, no matter their monetary background, can attend college. While grades K-12 in public schools are funded by the government, the most critical years of schooling to prepare someone for the workforce are not accessible to thousands of students because of immensely expensive tuition. Meanwhile, the United states spends hundreds of billions of dollars on the military, building weapons that tear the world apart. The U.S. government needs to reconsider its spendings because if tuition-free college was created, it would expand and strengthen our knowledge as a country and bring forth new and great leaders.
    Tuition-free college would build the knowledge of this country. Over half the population of America don’t attend college, primarily because they can't afford it. If the government paid for education, however, a much larger portion of the country would be able to attend college which would increase the chances of educating and creating great leaders, engineers, and politicians to advance society and the world we live in.  Who knows how many amazing people would rise out of poverty and benefit our county if they could get the education they presently can’t because they are not able to pay for it. 
    There are some people who believe that the education system shouldn’t change because they think that the United States can't afford to pay for everyone’s education, but this is simply not true. The U.S. is completely capable of rearranging its finances to pay for college education. Many European countries such as France, Germany, Norway, and Finland all provide free education at all their public colleges, and the U.S. should be no different. Instead of providing free education, however, Congress spends 16% of American tax dollars on the military, which is an insanely larger portion of money than any other country in the world devotes to their military. In 2019 this came out to be 732 billion dollars which is more than China, India, Russia, Saudia Arabia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Italy, and Australia spend combined! If the United States could spend half as much money on the military, still paying way more than any other country, and then pay for college tuition and work to solve the country's, and world’s, many other problems.
    Removing tuition and making college accessible to everyone, is a necessity in strengthening our country educationally and progressing in society. I see education as a basic human right and expensive tuition has deprived so many Americans of this right. Carrie, my aunt, is almost fifty years old and yet she is still suffering financially with student debt. Decades after she finished her education she is still trying to pay it off, all the while wondering if it was worth it. Which would be better? To try to get the education she deserved, but be suffocated under student debt for many years to come, or to simply sigh, throw her hands in the air, and watch the life she dreamed for slip between her fingers? I say neigher. We as a country must get rid of college tuition so that everyone can get the education they deserve, for knowledge is power, and it is what we use every day to make the world a better place.
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  • Nyla

    I totally agree and loved how you wrote about this topic! I loved how you brought up the U.S.'s military spending because that is a really great point! And the personal example helps everyone think about who in their lives is affected the same! Great job! p.s. in the second to last sentence, you accidentally wrote "neigher" instead of (I think you meant but maybe I'm wrong) "neither".

    6 months ago