The Skyfaring Poet


To Remember a Future

March 5, 2021


We lived in the shadow of a light in front,
A universe of hope and glory ahead.
But forward we've moved, and now we hunt,
To see through the dark in which we tread,
To remember a future.

The eternal gears have turned on,
We've lost our place, lost control.
So much there was going to be, so much is gone,
We try to not fade, to retain our soul,
To remember a future.

The days tick away, more and more numb,
Knowing what was and what could've been.
With horror we see what we have become,
All that's left is to resort to a dream,
To remember a future.

The grave clockwork begins to chime,
We look not to the stars for our eyes are blind.
A faltering light, strangled by time,
Are we able to preserve our minds,
To remember a future?


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  • JonesyL123

    Woahhhhh, this is amazing. Your writing style is beautiful! This sounds like something from a movie. Keep writing :)

    7 months ago
  • Smile! You're On Camera

    The rhythm, rhyming and rhyming pattern are all so well done! This would make a wonderful song.

    7 months ago