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I'm a 17-year-old writer, developer, and activist. I write creative nonfiction, poetry, and prose, although I've also dabbled in other writing forms ( I live in NYC/NJ and enjoy animation, design, and photography.

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Chaser of dreams and lover of chai.
I live in the big city and climb mountains on the weekends.
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October 18, 2016

Inside every one of you is a secret power.

You may not know what it is. You may not even know that it exists. But I assure you, that inside each of you is a unique ability, waiting to be found.

When we came together today, and I looked through the crowd at all of your eager faces, many of them shadowed with exhaustion from a long night's flight, I didn't see a multitude of individuals. Rather, I saw a group that knew why they were here, who stood together in solidarity because they believed in the one thing that they knew could change the world.


When we arrived here, our minds open and full of hope, our minds eager to feast on the words of each other, our spirits high with resolve to come together and fix the world's problems, we didn't have a clue what we would be running into. We didn't know each other, or even how much we'd end up influencing each other's lives.

We came in with the experience that we brought from our own communities, the stories that we wanted to share, the lessons that we'd learned, and impact that we'd made. We came here with the ideas that we wanted to reflect off of each other because we knew that if there was any place to meet with the most kind-hearted individuals to discuss a course of action for world peace, it was right here, right now.

And from what I've seen, you've all done exactly that. You've taken every inch and gone every mile, you've learned to open yourselves to the voices of others, you've learned to take rubble and to build cathedrals because you know that there is no better place and time to start than here, right now.

But the story moves on, and you return to your communities, scattered across the world, and as much as you try and try and try to tell your stories to others - your friends, your family, your loved ones - they can't grasp the change you witness, the hope you felt when you were in the presence of so many other kindred spirits.

Inside each of you is the power to change that, to bring back what you've learned, and to sow the seeds of tomorrow's change.

Inside each of you is the knowledge to go forth with your ideas, and to make of them what you never could on your own, because you've learned that community brings together a collective mind that is stronger and more brilliant than any person could have ever been on their own.

Inside each of you is the power to bring forth the experiences you've gathered, and to multiply them outwards. To change the story. And to show the world that if there's anyone to help bring about a difference, it's you.

Inside each of you is the ability to instill this compassion you've learned, this unique power you've gained, and to completely change the course of your lives and your community.

Go forth with compassion and change the world.


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