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14 years old, American born, though I wish I was from France. I'd love to be a writer/actress, Julliard is definetly where it's at. I'll read just about anything. Goals are to learn to play piano and guitar and to get my book edited and published.

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Art is my life basically. My favorite author is either Victor Hugo or Steig Larsson. My favorite musician (at the moment) is either Billy Talent or Green Day. My favorite artist is Claude Monet. I'm a big fan of Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. I'm learning to speak French at school and I want to learn Portuguese (for some reason). I love coming on here and randomly finding brilliant writers. Basically, I'm the one that doesn't necessarily fit in to any group, but just kinda bounces between everyone. Can't wait for senior year of high school, where I can do everything I want to do in terms of classes and the senior play.

There. You know me. Now go write. Or look at some of my stuff. That's always appreciated.

I Will Pretend

October 10, 2016


Today I'll pretend that they didn't push me to the ground. 
Today I'll pretend that I passed my math exam.
Today I'll pretend that they didn't call me names, 
And today I'll pretend that I didn't get detention.

Tonight I'll pretend that you guys weren't fighting. 
Tonight I'll pretend that she didn't scream.
Tonight I'll pretend that I slept through it all, 
And tonight I'll pretend that I didn't here the bottle fall.

Tomorrow I'll pretend that you weren't arrested.
Tomorrow I'll pretend that she didn't die.
Tomorrow I'll pretend that I'm not an orphan, 
And I'll try to pretend that everything will be alright. 

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