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Please Slow Down

March 5, 2021

PROMPT: Year by Year

1-favorite firstborn.

2-don't remember much, 
just me and mom and dad.

3-my balloon flew away,
but it was ok.
I got brand new sister.

4-remember when I was blonde?
and blue eyed, and swimming,
and swinging from the bars,
bright and sunshiny.

5-the night before preschool, so old now.
mom was sad,
crying into my birthday cake,
"growing up too fast,
please slow down."

6-kindergarten here I come,
same pink backpack,
fresh new clothes.
friends are found,
teeth are lost, 
the start of learning galore.

7-first grade, seventh day, seven years old.
seven hour days,
but hey, two extra recesses, and a best friend,
got another sibling,
a boy this time.
learned how to spell the word "because,"
wouldn't have gone very far without it.

8-second grade, my teacher left
but came back with a firstborn of her own.
meanwhile at home,
I was baptized,
and they started working on my teeth.
three peas in a pod,
me and my two siblings.
my fingers got good at piano.

9-third grade was amazing, with my teacher
who loved us, bright and sunshiny.
but even better was another baby brother,
and learning how to sing.
a trip to the beach,
so much time in the sun,
up in the canyon,
just with my family.

10-a whole decade down,
in a purple panda shirt,
hiking the trail with my friends,
hiking down for snow cones,
and for leis and for doughnuts.
my writing was compiled
and stitched together.
a momentous day.
vice president of room 29,
fourth grade was such a party.

11-fifth grade was a last of sorts,
friends moving on to middle school,
but a good grade nonetheless.
hoop earrings, choir,
first year in the orchestra,
and I conquered the dunk tank.
reading harry potter,
boating, a trip to D.C.,
and playing ukulele.
tie dye shirts and wind in my hair,
new cousins and running wild on the grass.
that old red hoodie and blue coat,
and let's not forget the lorax costume.

12-sixth grade, final year
of elementary school.
brace face, big roller coasters,
tuesday choir, idaho,
so much time in the mountains.
so much time away from home.
dances and training for next year,
middle school.
but why can't I just stay here
here where I know things
here with my friends,
here where I've been?

13-seventh grade, seven classes, seven teachers
did I really start school just seven years ago?
third quarter was hard, and I never even finished it,
school closed, school at home, everything
at home.
so different, so hard,
on screens most of the day.
zoom calls just to be there, just like old times,
even though old times are never coming back.
but I grew, not too much taller, but I grew emotionally.
exhibit a: eating the crust on sandwiches now,
exhibit b: grateful for the times we have together,
almost like old times.

14-eighth grade, still so short,
just can't believe that I'm here
here at school, here in eighth grade
but fourteen, heck yeah,
hike to the top, hike back to swim,
movie nights out on the lawn.
music, so much music,
my own music, my own uke,
my own style, my own words.
masks at school, not too bad
at least i'm here with
new friends and science class,
last class, first chair, last time, last year
going too fast, please slow down.
sorry this is so long but I'm super happy with how it turned out! thanks for reading :)

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  • AstroWriter

    I read the whole thing and was happy to do! I love the story and it visualizes well for me. WELCOME TO WRITE THE WROLD! if u need any help just ask me in one of my pieces! :)

    2 months ago