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Does this make sense?
Here's the way I imagined it: Quinn wrote snippets of his story on these sticky notes in the Bible. The rose petals are just there for aesthetics, I guess. Anyway, the protagonist of his story is "Quenton" who is based off of Quinn himself—how he wishes he could be, more than how he is.
does it all make sense?
bunnybeige, you are a wondrous human being. <3
(hey writers, you should totally check her out!)

The Middle [FANFICTION of bunnybeige's series]

March 3, 2021


    It was hollowed out and filled with dried rose petals and folded sticky notes. Minnie inhaled sharply, catching a whiff of the rose petals. Such a distinct scent, almost too strong. With trembling hands, she let her fingers graze the rose petals. It was all she could manage. How could she open those notes? What if she saw something that...
    Minnie pushed those thoughts away.
    Her nail brushed the edge of one of the scraps, and she saw miniscule letters, carefully written in black ink. Her heart was pounding too loudly in her head to decipher it.
    "Quinn," she breathed. She had to know. Didn't she? While a sliver of her wanted to throw the Bible to the ground and leave it in the dirt, her curiosity burned as she stared at the scraps.
    Every part of her shaking, she lifted the first sticky note that had caught her eyes and unfolded it.
    The snake shone silver in the subway's dim lighting. Minnie frowned and reached for another note.
    He had watched his mother flit from person to person in New York City. Not in the sense of romantic relationships, but in the sense that she never stopped exploring, never ceased meeting new people and understanding their stories.
    That sticky note floated to the ground as Minnie's hand clapped over her mouth. She opened another note.
    Quenton didn't think he was like his mother. Sure, he enjoyed meeting people, watching these lives unfold on the underground. Undaunted now, Minnie unfolded another paper.
    Quenton liked stopping at every stop, always watching out for the silver snakes. They liked him and his mother, but he always feared they might try to attack or eat newcomers.
Minnie dropped that paper back inside the Bible and opened another sticky note.
    Quenton wanted to settle down someday, with a girl who was more than just "nice." He knew he would find a girl whose laugh made him laugh, whose eyes shone like the moon and the stars, whose conversation he'd never tire of.
Minnie bit her lip and wondered if her eyes still shone like the moon and the stars. Maybe when your boyfriend walks out on you after getting you pregnant, you lose a little of that shine.
    Quenton heard a scream. "THE SNAKES! HELP!" A croaky male voice split the air. "It's trying to—'" The old man was cut off as one of the silver snakes launched itself at the his foot.
    Minnie narrowed her eyes, trying to recall Quinn's original story. She never realized he had continued writing it. She wondered how important writing really was to him.
    Quenton knew, with every fiber of his being, that he didn't deserve the girl he'd discovered, whose laugh made him laugh. Whose eyes shone like the moon and the stars. Whose conversation he never tired of, even if he didn't have a clue about "thrifting."
    Minnie's heart was in her throat.
    "Quinn," she whispered again. "Quinn," she said louder. She swore. "Why'd you leave, you jerk! Come back!" The Bible slipped out of her grasp as her hands came to cradle her face. 
    "No. No. You don't want him back. He left you," she told herself.
This is a fanfiction of bunnybeige's series "The Middle." You gotta read it to know what I'm talking about here. ;)
She is a fantastic writer who never fails to convey deep emotions through gorgeously flawed characters. Seriously, I get emotionally invested in every well-crafted character she brings to life.
All credits go to her.

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