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For just twenty five words, this was super hard to write! Hopefully, I haven't sacrificed the meaning; does the story make sense?
Also, does anyone have any advice on reviewing poems? I've mainly been writing reviews for prose, because I have no idea what to say when it comes to poems. I'd be grateful for any tips and hints.
Hope you have an awesome day/night! <3

Betraying Blood

March 13, 2021

PROMPT: 25 Words

She lied that she was a palace maid; the rebels believed her. Inked at the small of her back, the royal tattoo burned her skin.



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  • Zirong

    omg I already have a complete storyline in my mind... this is so good!!! "burned" is such a stunning word choice!

    re: My exam week is finally over!!! The last five days have been super insane... the exams were hard as well... I did not get the argumentation structure of the second passage in my epistemology paper at all so I'm quite nervous about the result now *sigh* Anyway, what's past is past haha, and I hope you are doing perfectly well! Received your tons of love just now, and I'm gonna send my tons of love to you through my comment and my email reply(finally gonna reply to it later today, so sorry for the delay :D) As for the review tips, actually I'm the right opposite to you coz I mainly review poems XD. I mostly focus on the rhythm/rhymes(whether they are natural and comfortable to read etc.), word choices(same as in prose) and language style(whether it fits the idea presented). Also, many writers like to use allusions and references in their poems and it'd be nice to note whether they fit into the context as well(but sometimes spotting them can be really difficult lol). Aside from these, since most poems are really open to interpretation(guess this has something to do with the nature of poetry itself), I also try to write about my own interpretation of the main idea of either the poem as a whole or some lines in it in my review so as to show that I've given thought to the piece. Reviewing poetry is indeed hard and I'm still learning as well. I hope these tips of mine can help you, and I believe you'll soon be a great poetry reviewer as you explore!

    *hug hug* Have a sweet day ahead! <333

    6 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Hi! Um I don’t want to intrude or anything but first off I love the piece! But I saw Jacob Houston commented and I don’t know if you’ve been informed but he tends to copy and paste comments often. But this I mean he just finds pieces and writes the same comment without even meaning what he says :( He is right when it comes to this piece but you deserve to know! He’s done it many times and it’s hurtful and not okay :/ I just thought you deserved to know.
    -Delphi or DJ

    6 months ago
  • remi'sgotinkstains

    oooh this is mysterious and enchanting and a good use of 25 words! I love it! Been a little busy of late, so heartwarming to read another piece of yours! All the love--Remi

    6 months ago
  • useless :)

    oh and also it can be dangerous to swim at night at some beaches, but we had a lifeguard there (by no one i meant actual people going to the beach) and it was right at shore (with a green flag that night) so it was okay.
    (srry, that was my mind telling me i should add that so i didn't seem careless or anything XD)

    6 months ago
  • useless :)

    i love this!! you did such a great job, especially for 25 words!
    re: aw thank you! that means a lot. i will haha :)
    oh, same lol. the water is kinda scary at night, although there's a beach that's less touristic and more natural abt an hour away from me, so i don't go there too often, but i've gone at night and it's amazing. there are some rocks that you can climb up and look down at the beach from, and there's such a nice breeze, and we were the only people there so it was even better. i also swam for a couple minutes and it wasn't too bad, i think actually doing it makes it a lot less intimidating.
    ahah yeah the pina colada song is pretty funny, although it sucks if it gets stuck in your head lol.
    have a great day/night! <3

    6 months ago
  • nolongeractive

    I love this, it is so simple yet mature and meaningful. I find it hard to write short writing that means so much, and I can tell already that your writing is going to go places and have numerous positive impacts! I cannot wait to see what else you come up with!

    7 months ago
  • ArtCat

    This is so good! Your details are amazing, especially the royal tattoo burning her skin!

    7 months ago